Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Monisha accusing Purvi for stealing money from Malhotra's house to help Tandon's family while they get shocked.

Meanwhile, Monisha continues to mock them saying that's the reason they got Purvi married in a rich household so they can get money and Purvi's plan was good as she replaced real money with fake but she isn't smart thus got caught.

After that, Monisha asks the inspector that if someone has provoked anyone to commit a crime then they would also get jailed and the inspector agrees.

He says that soon Tandon's family will also behind the bars with Purvi while Purvi tries to clarify that she didn't even know about her family's financial problem but the inspector doesn't believe in her.

Further, the inspector asks Tandon's family to leave while Prachi tries to talk with Purvi but they are forcefully ousted.

However, before leaving Prachi and Ashok assure Purvi that they'll save her while Krishna finds Prachi's dupatta in the cupboard during searching for a file and misses her.

After that, Trishna comes there and he put it back while feeling tensed after which he thinks why he is feeling tensed as if Prachi is in problem.

Meanwhile, Trishna wonders if Krishna was remembering his past after which Tandon's family is leaving the police station while Monisha stops their way to mock them again and accuses them for stealing money.

This makes Diya angers while Prachi calms her down after which they say to her that soon they'll prove Purvi innocence but Monisha leaves insulting them.

However, Prachi says that Monisha is related to Purvi's in laws thus they have to handle situation carefully otherwise, it might be dangerous for relationships and Ashok agrees with her.

There, Armaan tells Khushi that Diya tells him that Purvi is in jail as the fake currency is found with her which makes Khushi shocked and she panics.

She demands Armaan to take her to Purvi and Armaan agrees seeing her panic while Monisha returns home.

Monisha tells Deepika about the scenario of the police station which Deepika enjoys and says soon everyone in the family will hate Purvi.

Just then, Harleen comes there and worries about their reputation if the news got leaked in the media and declares that she won't let Khushi's sister (Purvi) ruin their reputation.

After that, Deepika and Monisha hide their plan from Vaishali while Purvi requests the inspector to let her call at home to know about Dadi's wellbeing after which the inspector says that her in laws don't worry for her still she is caring for them.

However, Purvi defends them saying it's a misunderstanding while Rajvansh feels worried thinking something must have happened as no one from the family is calling him.

There, the family takes care of a sick Dadi while she asks for Purvi which makes them shocked.

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