Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 18th October 2023 episode starts with Ashok telling Manpreet that even though he is sad, it is time for them to send their children away from them.

Manpreet refuses to understand while Ashok tells her that their children are hurting themselves instead of hurting others and they need help.

She asks if they have to send Mihika and Akshay back to the mental asylum that they sent them to six years ago and Ashok nods.

On the other hand, Prachi enters Ranbeer's room to check on him as she recalls how he saved her from the blast and gets emotional.

As she is leaving, Ranbir stops her, asking her to put ointment on his wounds at the back.

She hesitantly sits beside him and puts ointment on his wounds as she cries watching him squeeze the pillow in pain.

He tells her that he doesn't like watching tears in her eyes while she tells him that he's seeing wrong.

She tells him that she's angry at him for not using his brain and getting hurt while he reasons with her, telling her that he only uses his heart when it comes to her.

They both look at each other and recall their moments together while Mihika watches their interaction from the window and gets angry.

Mihika traps Prachi

Ranbir jokes that their hands can hug each other as he holds her hands while Prachi tells him that she'll leave as Mihika also walks away from there.

Mihika goes to Prachi's room and adds some pills to her bottle of water before leaving.

However, she bumps into Prachi outside the room and leaves, making an excuse.

Prachi goes into her room and drinks water before trying to go to sleep while Mihika spies on her from the window and smirks, thinking that Prachi should take a long sleep.

The next morning, Mihika comes into Ranbeer's room and he mistakes her for Prachi while she gives him medicine and tells him that Prachi is still taking her beauty sleep.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Divya talks about how Manpreet won't let her do work and continues praising Prachi while Akshay tells her not to get jealous of her.

Akshay and Vishakha ask about Prachi when Manpreet informs them that she is still sleeping, making them worried.

He goes to Prachi's room and wakes her up while she rushes out of the room, ignoring Akshay as she talks about giving medicines to Ranbeer.

Meanwhile, Prachi watches Mihika feeding Ranbir and stands still while Ranbir notices her and tells her to talk to Mihika.

Manpreet's internal conflict

However, Mihika makes Prachi leave, telling her that she will take care of Ranbir and further tells Ranbir to think about Prachi too, and her mental trauma while he is making her his servant.

At the dining table, Manpreet and Ashok both think about sending their children to the mental asylum as they talk in quotes and say that they can only do good for others and expect good to happen.

Manpreet says that she will eat with Prachi and thinks about how Akshay and Mihika disrespected her and the brake fail incident along with Ashok's advice to face the truth.

Divya saves her from falling while Akshay comes there and asks her if she's okay.

Akshay sits down to eat while Ashok tells Manpreet to go and take a rest.

Prachi learns the truth

Prachi comes there just then and Vishakha starts scolding her for not knowing of the family matters and tells her that Manpreet hasn't even eaten because of her.

Ashok and Manpreet tell Vishakha not to scold Prachi but Vishakha gets upset and leaves. 

Further, Ashok goes to Prachi and advises her to go to her maternal house for some time to go away from the dramas and sits for breakfast, telling her to give him an answer later.

Divya goes and informs Mihika about Prachi leaving while stating that it seems like Ashok has started doubting Mihika for the accidents happening with Prachi.

Mihika states that Ashok doesn't know anything and talks about how she has tried to kill Prachi but Ranbir saves her every time.

Divya signals Mihika and she turns to look at Prachi who has heard everything.

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