Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2023 episode starts with Balveera taking one of Wilson's men to find out if everything is alright upstairs.

His companion tries to go behind Veera when Balveera stops him, saying that Veera is no threat to them.

They return to Wilson and inform him about everything being alright, his loyal man also adding to tell about Veera.

On the other hand, Katyani commands the two women to give clothes to all the kids, warning the girls to obey.

Khushi helplessly starts crying as the women rudely ask the girls to untie their hair, getting them ready to be presented.

The dealer turns weary as he speaks out to Wilson, persuading him to bring the girls faster while drinking a glass of liquor.

Balveera hears this and rushes to Katyani as he sees her coming downstairs, requesting her to bring the girls right away.

Wilson stands up as he greets the assembly of goons, stepping on the dais.

He tells them that the girls will soon be presented before them, making the goons make noise in affirmation.

Meanwhile, Prachi gets alarmed as her hand gets grabbed by a hooded man, threatening him to let go before she hits him.

However, she is surprised and relieved to find Ranbir as he removes his hat and goggles, smiling at her.

He tells her about her plan to join the gamble of girls downstairs and escape with Khushi as soon as she gets presented.

Prachi listens to him and curiously asks how he has got his costume, to which Ranbir tells her how he has locked a fellow goon inside the washroom, thereby stealing his clothes.

Prachi is impressed, and they decide how she will hide upstairs while Ranbir joins the gamble.

In the Kohli house, Dida is busy on a call when she gets bothered by Pallavi asking her if she has seen Ranbir.

They start arguing mildly when Dida finally ends it by telling her to try calling Ranbir.

Pallavi gets tense when Ranbir's phone is repetitively unreachable, thus calling Rhea.

In Akshay's car, Rhea unsuccessfully tries to come up with an excuse when Pallavi calls her to ask about Ranbir's whereabouts.

She then truthfully tells her about everything, making Pallavi horrified as she tells Rhea that she is going to the police station, feeling panicked.

Akshay casually asks Rhea why she hasn't married Ranbir but continues to live with the Kohlis.

Rhea remembers her past actions, slowly telling him they should discuss the matter later, calling the mechanic to bring petrol.

In the Haveli, Katyani curtly asks her women if the girls are ready, ordering the girls to stand in a line and follow her.

Meanwhile, Prachi hides in a cupboard wherein she finds a phone.

She slowly peeps out of the cupboard to look around when she notices Khushi and other girls walking behind Katyani, looking frightened.

She stealthily follows the girls, and as she sees the women distracted, she quickly grips Khushi's hand, tip-toeing to hide inside the nearest room.

Locking the door, Prachi desperately makes Khushi sit and look if she has been hurt anywhere.

Khushi hiccups in between as she quietly asks why she has come so late.

Prachi gets sad as she sees a tear trickling from her cheek as Khushi explains how scared she has been.

She then calls on Ranbir's phone, who answers the call in a gruff voice.

Explaining to him that she has found Khushi, Prachi urges Ranbir quickly come upstairs into her room.

On the other hand, Katyani understands that one of the girls is missing as she listens to the girl's footsteps.

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