Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Rajvansh yelling at Krishna's father for asking the police to arrest Prachi without any reason.

After that, Harleen comes in between and asks RV to not argue with him after which Krishna's father asks him to behave well and says that he knows better law than him.

Harman and Dadu also ask RV to not argue with him while Krishna's father says that till now it has not been proved that Prachi and Poorvi are innocent.

Hraleen takes RV away from there so that he cannot argue with him while Monisha and Dipika discuss that RV is taking so much of a stand for Poorvi which makes Monisha anxious and she starts worrying.

She asks Dipika to do something while Harleen asks RV not to argue with Krishna's father and let the inspector do their investigation whereas Krishna's father says that he didn't make Poorvi get arrested.

He says that if after what CCTV footage it gets cleared that Poorvi was there then he will not leave her while RV defends Poorvi and says that Poorvi can never do anything wrong.

He takes stand for her and says that she is most responsible person in his family and she has not mixed anything in the food so that food poisoning can take place after that Monisha and Dipika stares at each other.

After that, Poorvi and Prachi come there Poorvi feels good when RV takes stand for her while the goons discuss kidnapping someone whereas RV plays the CCTV photo age.

Dipika asks Monisha to run away from there otherwise they will send her to jail after which Monisha says how her destiny can be so bad Dipika says that she won't save her so it will be better if she runs away from there.

Moisha feels bad when Dipika says so after which Monisha gets quiet whereas RV plays the video at more speed and point out on certain things in the footage to clarify that Poorvi is not wrong.

He tells everyone that it is being proved after seeing the video that Poorvi and Prachi are not wrong while Poorvi thanks god for saving her.

RV asks the commissioner to take the decision appropriately while KK thanks RV for defending Poorvi and proving her right in f of everyone after which everyone thanks him and blesses Poorvi and RV.

Poorvi smiles while Monisha wonders and thanks god for saving her while Dadu wonders who would have done all this chaos after which Rv says that someone who did not want this wedding to take place would have done this thing.

After that, Pandit ji comes there and says that mohrat is getting passed after which KK says that he is coming in few minutes after which Dadu praises Poorvi for taking stand for her mother.

Then, Prachi comes there and gets to know that RV saved him which makes her feel proud of RV and she hugs him while Monisha wonders if she will get caught by the police then what will happen with her.

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