Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 19th December 2023 episode starts with Purvi crossing the road in a hurry and getting saved by Ranbir's car, before getting hit at the nick of time.

Ranbir comes out of the car to check who came in front of his car while Purvi is scared.

He spots Purvi crying which makes him shocked and he asks what happened.

Purvi tells him that her friend is injured in an accident and she wants to go to help him, but she is unable to find any transport to get there.

Ranbir tries to calm her down and asks her to come with him, he'll drop her there.

There, Ashutosh's family praises Ashutosh and tries to make Purvi low in front of him.

Ashutosh's Dadi asks Suresh to talk about something to Prachi and when he feels hesitant, Dadi says she'll do it by herself.

She adds that people advise them not to fix an alliance with Purvi, but they always fulfil what they promise, so they will marry Ashutosh to Purvi but Prachi has to arrange a dowry for them.

Further, Dadi says they want two pairs of clothes for each of their relatives, and they'll bring 500 relatives to the wedding.

This makes Prachi and Manpreet shocked, but when Manpreet tries to object, Prachi stops her.

There, on the road, people try to help Rajvansh, and one of them, checking Rajvansh's pulse says Rajvansh is dead.

Jasbeer and Shera are watching it from a little far away when Jasbeer wonders why Purvi hasn't come yet.

He says if he was overthinking, Purvi has feelings for Rajvansh while Shera agrees with him, saying it might be as otherwise, she would have come by now.

He adds that Rajvansh might have feelings for Purvi but Purvi doesn't feel anything for him, asking Jasbeer to come with him, as Rajvansh has died.

After their departure, Purvi comes there with Ranbir and worries for Rajvansh when Rajvansh sees Purvi.

Meanwhile, the individual who examines Rajvansh's pulse confirmed that he is indeed living.

Purvi and Ranbir take him to the hospital while on the other side, Diya informs the family about Purvi going to help Rajvansh, as he got injured in an accident.

Ashutosh's family objects to it and assassinates Purvi's character while Prachi and Manpreet defend her to which they also insult them.

They continue to insult Purvi due to which Prachi cancels the alliance, shocking them.

At Rajvansh's house, Harleen worries for Rajvansh while Harman tries to console her but she is restless and decides to go and find Rajvansh.

There, Purvi asks Rajvansh to keep his eyes open while Ranbir drives the car to the hospital but as there is huge traffic, he suggests taking Rajvansh to his house, where he'll call the doctor.

Ranbir sees the close connection between Purvi and Rajvansh.

Meanwhile, Vicky consoles Harleen and says he'll bring Rajvansh back, asking her not to worry.

On the other side, Prachi complains about Ashutosh's family's behaviour towards Purvi and decides to go from there while Ashutosh tries to mend the situation.

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