Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2024 episode starts with Khushi hugging Purvi and telling her that she loves her the most in this world, even more than Armaan and Prachi, and if anybody tries to hurt her, she'll kill that person.

After that, Purvi asks her to calm down and have the medicine first and teases her saying otherwise, she won't get the energy to do that.

Just then, Purvi and Khushi listen to the dhol beats sound and decode that the procession has arrived, which makes Purvi blush, while Khushi teases her about it.

On the other hand, Rajvansh and his family make their entry dancing to the dhol beats, while Purvi's family is standing there to do their welcome.

Further, Vishakha asks them to let her welcome the groom first, so they stop dancing and Vishakha welcomes Rajvansh doing his aarti.

Then, she asks them to continue dancing, in the meantime, Ranbir comes there too but Ranbir and Prachi fail to see each other.

Ahead, Prachi comes inside and sees a hotel staff struggling with the perfume sprinkler and helps her, in the meantime, Ranbir passes by near her, and the perfume gets sprinkled on him, which irritates his eye.

However, Ranbir is standing keeping his back to Prachi's side, thus she fails to see him but apologizes for causing trouble in his eye.

Meanwhile, Ranbir is shocked to listen to Prachi's voice and turns around to see her, but she goes to call the waiter before he can see her so Ranbir gets to see the staff girl at her place.

After that, Prachi asks a waiter to help Ranbir who takes him to the bathroom, Ranbir turns around to see who sprinkled perfume on him but fails to see Prachi due to irritation in the eye.

Further, Ranbir asks the waiter about the woman who was sprinkling the perfume while washing his eyes, to which the waiter says he doesn't know her.

Later, Ranbir thinks about why he feels like she is Prachi but then drops that thought thinking she can't be Prachi otherwise, she would have taken care of him.

Ahead, he comes outside, and he and Rajvansh see each other, Rajvansh keeps staring at him, to which his family asks why he is doing that and Vikrant and Yug reveal how Ranbir and Rajvansh are arch-business rivals.

After that, Rajvansh greets Ranbir while he asks how Rajvansh is here, to which Rajvansh says he doesn't know the groom of the wedding.

Meanwhile, Ranbir remembers Purvi introducing Ashutosh as her fiancee and questions about it, to which Rajvansh says it's a long story but how he doesn't know the groom of the wedding, he is attending.

To this, Ranbir replies that he knows the bride and that's more important and tags Rajvansh as lucky, because he is marrying Purvi, who is such a nice girl.

He adds, that Rajvansh should take care of her and congratulate him on his wedding, while Rajvansh questions him if he is congratulating or threatening him.

Meanwhile, Ranbir says it's not a threat but advice but it can be changed into a threat if Rajvansh does anything wrong.

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