Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2023 episode starts with Ranbeer getting out of his car and seeing Prachi standing in front of his car.

They look at each other with eyes longing for one another and Ranbeer cups Prachi’s face, embracing her tightly.

Further, Ranbeer kisses Prachi’s forehead as he tells Prachi that he knew that she will return to him telling her that they will stay together forever.

Prachi tells Ranbeer to take her along and Ranbeer tells her that he came to take her after marrying her and moves forward holding her hand but realizes that he is hallucinating.

Ranbeer cries his heart out thinking about Prachi belonging to Akshay and drinking liquor to shut his pain away.

Meanwhile, Prachi assumes a man standing as Ranbeer and walks toward him while Akshay gets confused.

A hopeful Prachi gets shocked on finding someone else in Ranbeer’s place and Akshay runs to ask her for coming out of the car.

Prachi returns to the car while Ashok sees Akshay on the road asking him the reason for walking on a stranded road.

Akshay tells Ashok that they are coming soon and Vishaka tells Akshay to come quickly for the post-wedding rituals.

He mumbles that he wishes he could call his love guru Ranbeer as he knows women so well and could have suggested him something as well to lighten up Prachi's mood.

Elsewhere, in the car, Prachi musters to herself that Ranbeer should have come as she waited for him throughout.

In the meantime, an intoxicated Ranbeer sits down on the bench nearby looking at oblivion telling himself that he finds darkness wherever he goes.

Ranbeer gets inconsolable as he remembers their past memories together and finds only stars in the sky exclaiming that the moon has also turned upset from them as he and Prachi are no longer together.

Further, he gets up, picks up the liquor bottle in his hand and walks away.

Meanwhile, Abhay spreads flowers at the doorway for Akshay and Prachi's welcome and Vishakha turns furious as Divya narrates Abhay's obsession for flowers.

Divya shares Abhay's story with his girlfriend for whom he spent 45000 on the flowers.

An agitated Vishaka tells Sangeeta to clean the flowers quickly as they need to do the Kumkum ritual with Prachi and scolds Divya and Abhay for taking the rituals so lightly.

Just then, Abhay sees Akshay and Prachi and Vishaka asks them to stop at the doorstep for the post-wedding rituals.

Vishaka stops Mandeep and does Akshay and Prachi's aarti while Mandeep states that they need to welcome their daughter-in-law and it does not matter whosoever does it.

Further, Vishaka explains the rituals to Prachi asking her to sincerely follow her while Prachi remembers Ranbeer welcoming her when they got married earlier.

She remembers Ranbeer arranging everything for their post-wedding ritual and using powder instead of Kumkum for performing the ritual to enter the house.

Prachi remembers how Ranbeer picked up her in his arms for performing the ritual while Ranbeer held her closely confessing his love to her.

Mandeep calls out Prachi and Vishaka turns agitated seeing Prachi lost in her world and screams at her.

Elsewhere, Shahana insists Dadi have milk but she refuses as she cannot bear separation from Prachi and they both hold each other to comfort her.

Dadi tells Shahana that she is feeling weird although Shahana tries to make her understand that everything will be fine and trust the almighty with their lives.

Shahana tells Dadi to think about things positively as she tells Dadi that she thought Ranbeer could have come to stop the wedding but instead, he married Rhea.

On the other hand, Akshay tells Vishaka to calm down while Vishaka tells Akshay that Prachi is not here even when she is here physically.

Vishaka tells Prachi to focus on the rituals sincerely without thinking about her past.

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