Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2023 episode starts with Khushi requesting Prachi to take Ranbir out of jail and in return she can scold him as much as she likes. 

Afterward, she tells Prachi that she is going to the orphanage but will make sure to get Ranbir out. 

In the meantime, Rhea gets a call from the lawyer about Ranbir’s arrest for kidnapping Khushi. 

Meanwhile, Ranbir requests the constable to keep an eye on the people of the orphanage as they torture Khushi mentally and physically. 

Afterward, Ranbir contemplates Prachi’s next strategy to adopt Khushi again and how he can countermand her attempts to get Khushi’s custody. 

Later, the inspector tells Prachi that she was right to suspect Ranbir and that Ranbir has turned Khushi in his favour who does not want to leave Ranbir even for a minute. 

Telling her to sit, he tells her that they have sent Khushi to the orphanage. 

Prachi thanks him for their quick action while the inspector tells her that it is due to Akshay’s call that they got extra help. 

Later, Prachi waits for Ranbir in the waiting room while Ranbir looks weary to see her. 

Prachi scolds him for hiding Khushi and asks him to work on his attitude while Ranbir asks her why did she come there to suck his peace of mind. 

On being asked, Prachi tells him that he was keeping Khushi without telling her while Ranbir accuses her of filing a complaint against him. 

However, Prachi tells him that she has filed a complaint against the kidnapper who turns out to be him. 

Meanwhile, Ranbir tells her that Khushi had come to him in distress as she was being tortured at the orphanage and he did what he thought was right. 

He also tells her that he was taking her back to the orphanage when he was arrested.

However, Prachi accuses him of taking Khushi to the farmhouse. 

Ranbir denies that, telling her that it was everyone else who wanted him to take Khushi to the farmhouse but he did the responsible thing and is now regretting it. 

Once again their argument gets heated and Ranbir walks out from there. 

Meanwhile, Rhea and Pallavi come to the police station where the inspector tells them that Ranbir has kidnapped a child and that they are his accomplice for not telling them about Khushi the previous night. 

Rhea requests him to let them meet Ranbir while Prachi is lost in thoughts when she spots Pallavi and accuses her of lying to her. 

However, Pallavi admits to lying and tells her that she has also lied to her many times in the past.

Prachi tells her that she always had a reason for lying to her but she lied to her about Khushi. 

Meanwhile, Rhea intervenes, telling Prachi to remember that she is talking to Pallavi. 

Prachi accuses Rhea of siding with them instead of telling the truth despite being her sister. 

Rhea apologises to her and tells her that Ranbir is her family too and she will not tolerate anything against this family.

Prachi then tells her to bear the punishment that they deserve. 

Later, Inspector tells Rhea that they should not have angered Prachi as she is the one who can take him out of jail. 

Pallavi blames herself for putting Ranbir behind bars as she insisted on hiding him the previous night. 

Meanwhile, Ranbir tells her that it was not her fault as he is the one who wanted to keep Khushi most. 

In between, Rhea tells him that she will talk to Prachi and asks her to take her complaint back.

However, Ranbir refuses, telling her that he does not want any favours from Prachi even if she is the last person on the planet. 

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