Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 episode starts with Vishakha calling Akshay into her room while Akshay innocently follows her, asking about the matter.

Vishakha expresses her proud feelings towards him for his act of maturity of bringing Khushi home leading Akshay to give her confused expression.

However, Vishakha explains to him the advantage of Khushi’s presence in their house and says that now Ranbeer’s attention will be diverted to Khushi rather than Prachi.

Akshay discloses his next move

Listening to this, Akshay with a disgusting look, clears the air by stating that he has brought Khushi to vanish Ranbeer’s bad omen from Khanna’s mansion.

Vishakha gets concerned about Mihika’s feelings for Ranbeer to which Akshay asks her not to worry as he will make sure that Mihika marries Ranbeer and that Prachi remains his wife with Khushi being his daughter.

Akshay mentions that it’s just a matter of a few days before everyone will be bothered and after that, everything will fall in it’s right place.

Vishakha being stressed about Akshay’s next move asks him for the plan leading Akshay to reveal Prachi and Ranbeer’s insecurity for Khushi.

He discloses about Prachi's past when Ranbeer accused Prachi of Khushi’s death which led their relationship to wreck and developed insecurities that one of them would snatch Khushi from the other.

Akshay adds that he will use their weakness and provoke Prachi against Ranbeer by saying that he wants to snatch Khushi from her to which Vishakha warns him to take utmost care of Khushi.

However, Akshay reminds her that everyone will be bothered for a few days including Khushi and leaves the room.

Mihika spots Ranbeer confessing his love to Prachi

On the other hand, Prachi scolds Ranbeer for giving a fashion magazine to Khushi as she is just a kid while Ranbeer mocks her and starts teasing Prachi with Khushi.

Prachi chases Khushi in order to feed her but Khushi compels Prachi to make Ranbeer eat first leading Prachi to run behind her and Ranbeer in order to catch them.

Meanwhile, Mihika gets a sneak peek into their room and witnesses the family mingling together while Ranbeer in the middle of the game copies Khushi’s words and ends up saying I love you to Prachi, creating awkwardness in the air.

Elsewhere, Akshay meets a man secretly and gives him the picture of Khshi, ordering him to kidnap her today during Janmashtami to which the kidnapper nods.

Back in the room, Mihika enters and introduces herself to Khushi as Ranbeer’s fiance, saying that now Khushi will get love from two mothers while Ranbeer adds that he wants to love Khushi every day but Prachi doesn’t let him.

Prachi leaves there recalling Akshay’s words while Ranbeer follows her to look out for Prachi.

Vishakha warns Mihika to play smartly

She accuses Ranbeer of trying to snatch Khushi away from her just like before to which Ranbeer annoyingly tells her that he’s not up to anything like this and neither has he done any of this before.

This leads Prachi to remind Ranbeer about how he snatched Khushi from her when she was just born and shows her gratefulness towards Akshay, making Ranbeer frustrated and he leaves.

Just then, Vishakha joins Prachi and warns her to stay aware of Ranbeer’s actions as he can attempt to snatch Khushi away from her.

On the other hand, Manpreet gives a peacock feather to Mihika, telling her to give this to Khushi while Vishakha also advises Mihika to show off her love for Khushi in front of Ranbeer.

Akshay misleads Prachi

Elsewhere, Prachi continues to neglect Ranbeer leading him to lash out at her for behaving immaturely and explaining to her about his good intentions of having a simple family.

Prachi yells back at him and regrets trusting him in the past, adding that he has never let her live peacefully and now again he’s back with his ill intentions for her.

Ranbeer gets furious and leaves when Akshay appears there, instigating Prachi against Ranbeer by giving her fake information about Ranbeer going to take Khushi out without letting anyone know about this.

Prachi gets more worried about Khushi and Ranbeer’s next move while Akshay smirks at her.

Later, Ranbeer sits next to Prachi during the Janmashtami function and asks Prachi about her gloomy face when Prachi expresses her concern about Khushi.

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