Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2024 episode starts with a waitress calling Prachi and telling her that there are so many arrangements pending and asking her to come soon.

Just then, Trishna, Krishna, and their family arrive and Krishna panics seeing the arrangements aren't done yet stating that the guests are going to come soon and if Amardayal sees this, he'll mock them.

However, Trishna takes him from there asking him to not panic and assuring her family too that Prachi will handle everything.

After that, she asks the waitress to send the groom's dress to the room.

Further, Trishna understands that Krishna is restless due to the wedding and assures him saying they have already been married for a long time so Krishna shouldn't worry as the wedding won't change anything.

Later, Krishna doesn't like his Sehra while getting ready and complains about it to Trishna, and Trishna tries to convince him to wear the Sehra but Krishna doesn't agree, after which Trishna says she'll send Kartik to him to console him, Krishna denies it.

There, Prachi comes with the needed stuff and panics seeing the decoration isn't done yet while her family consoles her saying all the work will be done on time and her event will be successful.

Just then, the waitress tells Prachi about Krishna's complaint regarding Sehra after which Prachi says that she has one more Sehra so she'll give that to Krishna.

As she comes to Krishna's room, she finds Kartik at the place of Krishna and Kartik takes Sehra from her stating if he gets late Trishna will be angry.

After Prachi's departure, Krishna comes out of the washroom and Kartik goes to get ready after giving Sehra to Krishna.

However, Krishna finds Sehra heavy while Trishna insists to Prachi that she should make her ready for the wedding and also asks her who dressed her up for her wedding.

There, Krishna is heading towards Trishna's room to know her opinion about Sehra while Trishna is excited to know that Prachi's husband made her ready for their wedding.

Prachi adds, that her husband used to love her the most in the world and remembers her past moments, after which Trishna praises their love story just then Krishna knocks on the door while Prachi's makeup brush falls.

Further, Krishna complains that Trishna's makeup is dull, and she teases him calling Prachi from the washroom stating she is washing makeup brushes and she has done her makeup so Krishna should complain to her.

Meanwhile, Krishna tries to stop her and then tells her that his Sehra is heavy so Trishna fixes it and he leaves while Prachi comes out and asks Trishna to get ready.

There, Rajvansh asks Purvi to get ready fast and then takes her from there forcefully, while Krishna and Kartik end up wearing the same design dress.

On the other hand, Gajendra decides to fight back against Amardayal after the wedding for defaming Trishna's character, while Amardayal plans to cancel the wedding the way it looks like Trishna's fault.

Further, Krishna feels Prachi's presence in the hall where she is fixing arrangements.

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