Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2023 episode starts with Ashutosh's aunt telling Prachi's family that they don't need to do puja for Purvi as their family will do puja for Ashutosh.

She asks Bina to call another priest to do puja for Ashutosh when Ashok tells Ashutosh's family that they will do puja for Purvi and asks them to end this matter.

Ashok tells Manpreet to end the matter as it's a small one while on the other hand, Bina takes Prachi aside.

In the meantime, Khushi and Diya advise Purvi to back away from the marriage as she still has a chance, when Ashutosh comes to Purvi.

Ashutosh asks Purvi what is Khushi's problem with him as she always speaks ill about him. 

He asks Purvi if Khushi has selected some other person for her, making Purvi state that there is nothing like that.

Inside, Bina tells Prachi that it would be great if she gifted Ashutosh with a new scooter. 

Prachi tells Bina that she can't afford to buy a scooter when Bina notices Ranbir's gifted bangles on Prachi's hands.

Bina tells Prachi to put Ranbir's bangles as collateral and buy a new scooter, ultimately taking the bangles from Prachi.

Vishakha eavesdrops on the conversation and comes to Khushi, making her comment about Bina's behaviour.

She comments on how they called Purvi unlucky and took away Prachi's bangles.

Due to this, Khushi argues with Bina about her behaviour and asks Purvi if she wants to marry Ashutosh. 

Purvi asks Ashutosh how it is her fault that his scooty got into an accident and why should Prachi pay for it. 

Khushi asks Bina to give back the bangles to Prachi as the bangles are Ranbir's last moment.

Purvi tells Ashutosh's family that they can break off the marriage when Ashutosh asks Bina about her actions.

Bina states that she did all this for him while Ashutosh apologises to Prachi.

Outside, Jasbeer meets someone outside a Godown.

Meanwhile, Purvi notices a new bike and asks the delivery man about the sender.

The man states that the bike has been sent by Rajvansh as Purvi scolded him in the temple for it.

He makes Purvi talk to Rajvansh over the video call and she tells Rajvansh that there was no need for the bike when Purvi notices the police station.

Purvi asks Rajvansh what is he doing in the police station, making Rajvansh tell Purvi that Dadaji asked him to gift him the bike therefore, he sent it and cuts the call.

Just then, Bina comes and shares the good news with her family that Ashutosh got a new bike and states that Purvi is very lucky. 

Khushi asks Ashutosh if he is happy as they were just accusing Purvi of being unlucky and now they are saying Purvi is lucky. 

She argues with Ashutosh's family, making Bina comment on Prachi's upbringing who states that she completely trusts her daughters.

Khushi asks Prachi and Purvi to break off the marriage but Purvi asks Khushi to leave it as Ashutosh apologises to them.

However, Khushi states that she is boycotting the engagement and walks away from the premises. 

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