Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2023 episode starts with Akshay promising Prachi that Khushi will be with her within a day.

Further, Akshay tells Prachi that if it requires they will go against the system as well.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer tells his family that he feels sorry for bashing Prachi with the harshest words and states that he should apologise to her.

Just then, Rhea receives a call and tells the family that Prachi has visited the orphanage.

Pallavi irked by Prachi’s step instigates Ranbeer against Prachi and tells him that she cannot let Prachi do anything.

Vikram tells Ranbeer to not trust Prachi blindly as that might result him in losing Khushi again.

Influenced by the family, Ranbeer tells everyone that he is going to visit orphanage and see what Prachi is up to followed by Rhea.

Meera sticks to the guidelines

In the orphanage, Prachi questions Meera about the adoption process and gets shocked by Ranbeer’s presence.

Meera tells them that they cannot change the guidelines for them and they need to be with their partners to adopt Khushi.

However, Prachi tells Meera that she can take care of Khushi in a better manner being a woman but gets interrupted by Ranbeer who calls her out for adding the feminist angle to it.

Ranbeer tells Meera that he is much more stable in life and can prove to be a better father.

Meera tells Ranbeer and Prachi that they can only adopt Khushi if they get married in their life.

Meanwhile, Akshay finds Rhea and questions about her presence outside the orphanage.

Rhea tells Akshay that she is there to donate as a goodwill gesture.

She musters to herself that she never wanted a child in her life but has to keep Khushi close to having Ranbeer in her life.

Further, Akshay takes leave from Rhea and Rhea gets joyful on seeing Akshay immensely in love with Prachi.

As Prachi and Akshay return, Prachi tells Dadi about the guidelines that Meera asked them to follow to seek adoption.

Dadi tells Prachi that she should have told Meera that Khushi is her biological daughter whom she lost years ago leaving Akshay stunned.

Tears roll down Prachi’s face as she tells Dadi that she cannot let Ranbeer know the truth.

In the Kohli house, Pallavi and Vikram get agitated with Prachi’s actions and decide to fight a legal battle.

Rhea tells Vikram that Ranbeer does not want to let Prachi know that Panchi is their biological daughter otherwise she will turn the world upside down to get Khushi.

Pallavi tells Rhea to marry Ranbeer to fulfil the guidelines for adoption.

Further, Pallavi gets quiet seeing a broken Ranbeer walking toward her and hugging her.

Ranbeer tells Pallavi that the orphanage is stuck on him greeting married to get Khushi to him.

Ranbeer and Prachi agree to marry!

Just then, Rhea proposes to Ranbeer for marriage while Akshay proposes to Prachi to marry him.

Both families try to make Ranbeer and Prachi understand the demand of the situation to get their daughter to themselves before it is too late.

Ranbeer agrees to Rhea’s proposal as Meera’s words echo in his ears whereas Prachi accepts Akshay’s proposal making his face beam with joy.

At night, Prachi visits the orphanage but gets asked to return tomorrow as she is late.

She calls Shahana and tells her how desperately she wanted to tell Khushi that she is getting her home within a few days but couldn’t and sheds a tear.

Shahana comforts Prachi and tells her to return home directly without getting late.

Just then, the orphanage door opens and Prachi gets shocked to find Ranbeer coming out.

As they walk their path, Prachi and Ranbeer mumble to themselves that their union was never meant for a lifetime.

However, they muster that they will always have a part of each other with themselves throughout their lives.

Suddenly, it starts pouring and Ranbeer and Prachi end up seeking the same shelter to save themselves from getting drenched.

Ranbeer covers Prachi’s saree as it flows due to gusty winds and they remember their memories from the past.

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