Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Mr. Mehra coming to RV’s house after which Monisha whispers in RV’s ears that Mr. Mehra is a little weird.

RV tells her that he is in their house that’s why he is behaving weirdly while Poorvi asks Monisha to not manipulate RV against KK.

On the other hand, the person comes to Prachi’s home from whom her father-in-law has taken a loan after that he asks her to return his money today.

Prachi becomes shocked and says that she needs some time after which he gives her fourteen days otherwise, he will sell their catering utensils or sell the house which makes Prachi anxious.

Harman and Harleen acknowledge Mr. Mehra and say that they are excited to work with him and want to make better relations with them.

Harleen enquires about the number of people working with Mr. Mehra for whom they have to arrange the food after that he tells her that around eighteen people will come.

After that, Harleen suggests that they order the food from outside while Poorvi comes there and says that they need not to arrange food from somewhere else.

Poorvi says that she handles the catering business along with her mother so she can arrange the food for the guests.

Mr. Mehra is impressed after hearing that Poorvi will make food at home after which Poorvi goes to make the lunch, but Harleen stops her and asks her how she will arrange for the food for a huge number of people.

Poorvi tells her that it is a challenge in which they can prove themselves capable of managing the things in front of Mr. Mehra, but Monisha and Harleen make fun of her.

Monisha suggested them that they arrange the food from their restaurant and serve the guest which makes everyone happy, and they decided to follow Monisha’s idea.

Harleen tells Mr. Mehra that after some time she will arrange the food for the guest, and she assures him that she will take care of everything.

On the other hand, Vishaka asks Prachi to ask for help from Khushi in arranging money but Prachi refuses and says that she does not wants to make Khushi worried about their problems.

Vishaka says that Khushi is their daughter so they can ask for help from her, but Prachi refuses to take help while Monisha tells Dipika that arranging food from RV’s hotel is a part of her plan to win RV’s heart.

After that, RV comes there and thanks her in managing his problems at the very eleventh hour which makes Monisha feel special and she feels good.

Then, RV goes to meet Poorvi after which she tells him that she is not sure that she can prepare food for so many people that’s why she didn’t take the order otherwise she didn’t have any bad intentions.

RV tells Poorvi that he knows that she is a pure soul lady who always thinks about others first which makes Poorvi feel good after which she asks him to praise her more but he hesitates to do so.

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