Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 episode starts with Prachi getting happy tears while Akshay tells her that he only cares about her happiness and that he is okay with it if her happiness is in marrying Ranbir.

He jokes as he tells her that even if she marries Ranbir, she will be his best friend and she nods as she leaves to wipe away her tears.

Meanwhile, at the Kohli house, the priest tells the house members that he checked Ranbeer's birth chart and that the next four days are going to be very dangerous for Ranbeer.

Ranbir thanks the priest while telling the family not to worry but Pallavi scolds him for not taking anything seriously.

She requests the priest to find some solution but he apologetically states that there is nothing he can do.

He leaves while Ranbeer tells the family not to worry and to focus on his marriage preparations.

Back at the Tandon house, Vishakha tells Akshay to just act like a good person and not be crazy like Mihika.

Akshay asks about Mihika and Vishakha states that it's good Mihika is not there since she cannot control her anger or emotions like him.

Further, the Kohli's come there when the Tandon family welcomes them and sits down with them in the hall.

Akshay behaves nicely with Ranbeer making him feel unusual while Vikram whispers to Pallavi how a bitter gourd became a sweet ball.

Ashok reminds Akshay about how he left the pooja in the middle and Akshay apologizes to everyone regarding it.

The Kohli family thanks the Tandon family for taking care of Prachi since she had been living with them without any relation and giving them love and care.

Just then, Manpreet brings Prachi when Pallavi and Dida do her aarti as per the rituals as they feed Prachi sweets and give her Shagun.

Pallavi tells her that the gifts indicate that she is going to be their daughter-in-law as Prachi gets up and hugs them.

Dida states that it is the first time that Ranbeer and Prachi's wedding is happening with all the rituals.

Akshay states that they need to make Ranbir feel at home too and Manpreet nods as she makes him sit and does his pooja similar to Prachi's.

He teases Ranbeer, telling him to smile now that he has gotten Prachi, and makes everyone eat the sweets.

As Akshay goes to get snacks, Ranbir goes after him, asking the reason behind his sweetness and tells him that Akshay is only being fake.

However, Akshay only smiles as he feeds Ranbir and walks away.

Elsewhere, Mihika emotionally manipulates Khushi telling her that no one will wipe her tears if she leaves while Khushi tells her to use a napkin.

She tells Mihika to be happy that Prachi and Ranbeer are getting married but Mihika offers her dresses and food in exchange for her going and telling the family that Ranbeer will get married to Mihika.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer flirts with Prachi in the kitchen while they talk about their dream becoming reality.

She talks about Akshay being nice since he's giving her Khushi's full property while Ranbir states that it is nothing to be thankful for causing them to argue.

Akshay overhears them and gets happy while Vishakha takes him away when they state that their plan is working.

The family takes pictures while Dida asks Ranbir who is he looking for and he states that he's looking for Akshay.

Pallavi asks about Khushi when Prachi tells them that she is coming with Mihika.

She goes to give tea to Ranbir who again gets into an argument with her and she apologises to him as they both apologize to each other.

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