Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Monisha calling Deepika while Deepika asks her what's happening there and asks her to tell her good news.

However, Monisha says that she got late which makes Deepika tense that Rajvansh and Purvi have consummated their marriage.

Meanwhile, Monisha says that it's not like that and states that whatever she witnessed was shocking and then tells her about the music noise coming through Rajvansh and Purvi's room while Purvi goes out of the room wearing a one-piece dress.

There, Deepika says that it's not unexpected as Rajvansh and Purvi are gone for the honeymoon so it's common, to which Monisha loses her cool.

After that, Deepika asks her to calm down as she might be caught for illegally going there and suggests she should get rid of Purvi to spend time with Rajvansh while Monisha likes the idea.

On the other hand, Prachi and the truck driver get into an argument when he charges an extra amount for loading the luggage and Prachi asks him to return the extra money.

However, the driver starts to scare Prachi just then Trishna sees it passing by from there and goes to help Prachi.

There, Purvi comes back into the room and tries to open her dress, just then Rajvansh comes and sits there which makes Purvi embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh asks her to continue as he isn't interested in watching her, so Purvi continues but can't open the dress zip.

After that, Rajvansh comes forward to help her but Purvi objects to it, and they start arguing commenting on each other.

In the meantime, Rajvansh says that Purvi isn't his type and girls are crazy about him while Purvi asks him to act normally to attract some normal girls, which triggers Rajvansh, and Purvi is shocked.

There, Monisha calls Khushi hiding her identity, and tells her that Rajvansh is angry and is going to do something so bad with Purvi which makes Khushi tense.

Further, Khushi tries to question her identity but Monisha asks her to focus on Purvi as Rajvansh is going to leak her MMS after their honeymoon after which Khushi panics.

She tries to call Purvi but in vain, there Trishna scares the truck driver with her gun and asks him to work properly and return the extra money and the driver has to obey her.

After that, Trishna says that they share a connection thus she passes near her only when she needs help, just then Trishna's husband calls her to come back home while Trishna tells Prachi that usually he doesn't care about her but maybe today it's Prachi's luck only.

Later, she gets adamant about dropping Prachi home even after her refusal, while Rajvansh asks Purvi to not joke with him, to which Purvi says she isn't scared of him.

On the other hand, Trishna drops Prachi home, and when Prachi says thank you, Trishna says they are friends and share a connection so shouldn't say thank you or sorry.

They give each other nicknames while Khushi keeps trying to contact Purvi but fails just then Armaan comes and questions her but she hides her problem.

There, Purvi spots Monisha at the hotel and talking with a waiter, and gets suspicious that she is planning something.

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