Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Khushi saying to Monisha that she doesn't have time time to argue with her.

She adds, she'll come once again but to take back her sister Purvi while Monisha says that she can come for that for sure she won't mind or if she doesn't come Purvi will be ousted anyway.

After that, Monisha leaves and Khushi wonders who was she and thinks she would have given befitting reply to her if she would have met her somewhere else.

There, Purvi wonders that how it happens as no one can give her fake notes nor she had fake notes also she gave the case at the hospital.

Purvi decodes that someone has changed the notes and wonders who can be that person while Rajvansh feels something is wrong at home after which Yug suggests him to call Harleen but she doesn't pick it up.

After that, Rajvansh calls Monisha but Harleen comes there and asks Monisha to doesn't tell Rajvansh about the happenings and talk with him.

However, Rajvansh grows more suspicious while Monisha asks that what they'll do with Purvi after Rajvansh's return after which Harleen says they'll do something big after Rajvansh's return.

There, Rajvansh calls Purvi but she doesn't picks it up while Khushi rudely talks with the lawyer when he says that Purvi can't get the bail.

Meanwhile, Armaan asks her to behave and Khushi tells that Purvi can't do anything wrong but someone is trapping her after which Armaan asks her who can do this and why.

This makes Khushi remember of Rajvansh so she calls him while Rajvansh gets angry to get her call after which Khushi asks him to not trouble Purvi in their fight.

However, Rajvansh asks what happened to Purvi and Khushi reveals how she is trapped in fake currency case which shocks Rajvansh and he disconnects the call to leave with the luggage.

There, Khushi thinks that she won't let Rajvansh ruin Purvi's life while Rajvansh comes Mumbai with Yug and goes to the police station.

Meanwhile, Yug attends Harleen's call on Rajvansh's phone and tells her the same which upsets Harleen and she says that after marriage boys change but she won't let it happen with Rajvansh.

She adds, she'll make Rajvansh remember that Purvi is Khushi's sister while Purvi gets emotional to meet Rajvansh and says that no one is believing her that she is innocent.

After that, Rajvansh assures her that he'll bail her out soon but Purvi says she just need his trust that he believes her and Rajvansh says the same.

Further, Harleen rebukes him when he comes home for prioritizing Purvi over her and blames her for Dadi's condition which upsets Rajvansh.

Later, Rajvansh scolds Vikrant in his frustration which Deepika doesn't like while Prachi gets Gajendra's call to urgently come his home for party's work, after which Diya asks Prachi to ask Gajendra's help for Purvi's matter.

There, Trishna tells Gajendra and Krishna about Purvi being in jail which makes Krishna worried.

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