Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2023 episode starts with everyone gathering to have breakfast together when Ranbir's employee comes there to meet him.

Ranbir asks him why he has come home and if there is any emergency matter to which the employee replies that their deal with Juneja will not succeed if Ranbir does not go there by himself.

Everyone tells the employee that Ranbir is not well and cannot go there physically as the doctor has asked him to rest at home but the employee urges Ranbir to come for some time.

Akshay asks Ranbir if he should go in his place and sign the deal but the employee says that Ranbir is the only person who needs to be there.

Ranbir agrees to go with the employee but Prachi tells him that he should not leave the house as he is not well and she does not feel good about the whole situation.

Assuring Prachi that he will be back very soon, Ranbir gets ready and leaves with the employee who has been sent by Akshay to lure Ranbir out of the house.

The goons wait outside the house in their car for Ranbir and hide their faces as Ranbir comes out and gets into his car.

As the employee tells Ranbir that his mother is not well therefore, he needs to leave, Ranbir sends him money for treatment, asking him to rush to his family which makes the man guilty of lying.

The man asks Ranbir not to go to the meeting but Ranbir asks him to worry about his own family after which he leaves the house.

The goons follow Ranbir in their car and talk to Akshay on the phone who asks them to show the scene live through video call as he wants to see Ranbir's painful expression.

Ranbir stops his car as he spots a man fainting in the middle of the road after which he comes out of the car with a water bottle but it turns out to be the trap by the goons to make Ranbir leave his car.

With the fight getting started, Ranbir beats up the three goons single-handedly, making Akshay watch the scene live but the goons manage to reverse the situation.

Prachi feels something going wrong the moment Ranbir gets stabbed by the knife and runs to the exit of the house while taking Ranbir's name.

Akshay stops Prachi and takes her to her room after she faints due to a fever while Ranbir is abandoned in the middle of the road in his injured state.

Mihika comes there after a minute and is shocked to see Ranbir lying with a stab wound after which she takes him to the hospital immediately.

Meanwhile, Akshay tells Abhay that he wants a heart-to-heart connection like Prachi and Ranbir which he will soon receive as Ranbir will die and Akshay will be the only person left in Prachi's life.

Abhay and Akshay go to eat while Raghu continues to call Akshay for the payment.

Elsewhere, Prachi tells Manpreet and Vishakha that something is not right and Ranbir has been hurt but they ask her to rest properly.

The doctor tells Ranbir that he can go home as the wound is not deep after which Mihika helps him to leave the room.

Later, Ashok tells Akshay about Raghu calling him and Akshay picks up the call after which he is shocked to know that the goons are outside his house.

Picking up a knife, Akshay decides to go out to teach a lesson to the goons but Ashok spots Akshay and is left shocked.

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