Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 episode starts with Ranbeer telling Pallavi, Dida and Aryan to guess the special guest he has invited to the party, hinting that the guest "Khushi" is in their lives.

They all become delighted to know that Khushi will be accompanying them as they proceed to address the guests.

Vikram arrives at the place and Pallavi gives him the news of Rabeer's business expansion, making him feel elated.

In the car, Akshay asks Prachi if she is alright for she has been considerably quiet the whole day.

He changes the topic and is just about to tell her who they are about to meet when Prachi gets a call from Priya.

Prachi gets busy giving corrections in Priya's file while Akshay silently drives the car.

As they reach the Kohli house, Prachi swiftly gets out of the car and enters inside, without noticing where she is going, busily talking to Priya.

Akshay is filled with amusement as Prachi has gone inside, seeming as if she is the owner of the company while he is her driver.

He calls out to Prachi, telling her to wait for him and rushes inside.

On the other hand, Khushi is awed at seeing the grand house and touches the shiny decorations.

Pallavi notices Khushi and pulls Vikram with her, introducing both of them.

Khushi folds her hands and greets him, also introducing Lali to them.

Pallavi takes her to the place where she wishes floral decorations to be made.

Vikram pulls Pallavi's hand and whispers to her, saying that Khushi looks very similar to Ranbeer.

Pallavi stares at him as if he has lost it, brushing off the matter and taking Lali with her.

Khushi spots Ranbeer and quickly takes a bouquet and gives it to him, wishing him a happy birthday.

She tells him how she heard the servant praising him while coming from the back gate, expressing that even she felt nice upon hearing this because Ranbeer is like her family now.

Ranbeer is touched hearing this and thanks Khushi for her gift & Khushi tells him to read the prophecy note written on the bouquet.

The note tells him that he will be meeting someone he loves today.

Ranbeer asks Lali if he can take Khushi with him to show the house to which Lali readily agrees.

Lali wickedly thinks that between Ranbeer and Prachi, she will give Khushi to the richer one, making her rich too.

Prachi enters inside, still talking to Priya which makes Akshay request him to continue the call later.

Prachi is about to remove the ear pod when she spots Ranbeer but for him, the world stops as he sees Prachi walking toward him.

He asks her to give him something sweet on his birthday and just like in the old times, Prachi plants a gentle kiss on his cheek.

Ranbeer is pulled out of his dream with Akshay calling out to him.

Khushi is elated to see Prachi and rushes to hug her and Akshay calls Prachi to wish Ranbeer, which she does quietly.

Vikram is shocked as he is transported to the past but Ranbeer pulls him out of his thoughts, introducing Akshay to him.

Prachi rushes to find the hospital, remembering all the memories in the house, when she runs into Pallavi.

Pallavi tells her to stop and she is about to rush past her, gently telling Prachi that even though they did not have the best relations in the past, they both can move forward in life, forgetting the past.

Prachi agrees and hurriedly goes to the washroom.

Pallavi remembers how Prachi also wishes to adopt Prachi and makes a mental note in her mind to talk to her about the same.

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