Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2023 episode starts with Rhea getting upset when she sees Prachi's photo in Ranbir's closet while arranging his clothes.

Later, in the office, Ranbir bumps into Prachi which makes the papers float in the air and then fall on the ground.

However, without uttering a single word, Prachi and Ranbir collect the papers while looking at each other.

Since they collect the paper and stand up, they walk firmly in the opposite direction when their mind starts overthinking.

In the meantime, in Akshay's cabin, Mr. Bhalla gives accepts Akshay's deal and Akshay excitedly mutters that this happened due to Prachi's advice.

Soon after that, Prachi gets overjoyed when Akshay tells her that he has cracked the deal with Mr. Bhalla.

Akshay thanks for her advice that he should use his heart while dealing with Mr. Bhalla.

Akshay keeps looking at Prachi when tells him that if they will do things by heart, they will win the hearts.

As Prachi leaves there by saying that she has an outdoor meeting, Akshay thinks that she is saying right that he should express what his heart is feeling.

Akshay wrinkles his eye and says that he loves Prachi when no one is around.

In the meantime, Ranbir looks for an umbrella as he has to attend an outdoor meeting.

Just then, he gets Rhea's call and she informs him that she is coming to the office with a lunch box but Ranbir tells her about his meeting.

However, Rhea gets happy when Ranbir asks her to go on shopping with him on next day, but happiness turns into sadness when Ranbir tells her that he wants to shop for Khushi since her birthday is coming.

Rhea agrees to go with him and hangs up the call when she calls herself silly for thinking that Ranbir is going to shop for her.

On the other hand, Prachi turns around when Akshay rushes to her while calling her name.

Since Prachi is in a hurry, she tells Akshay to finish it fast as she has a meeting to catch.

Akshay worriedly tells Prachi to be careful as he got a notification about the bad climate today.

On the other hand, Ranbir gets the project from Mr. Khurana, and Mr. Khurana asks him about his old project with Akshay.

Ranbir replies that he prefers using his mind while making business deals and his project will Akshay is at the final stage now.

Later, Ranbir gives his car to his manager, as the climate gets bad and his manager has to pick up his daughter from the tuition.

Ranbir leaves there with an umbrella saying that he wants to enjoy his walk in this beautiful environment.

Soon after that, Rhea gets worried for Ranbir and calls his manager to ask about the meeting as she doesn't want to disturb Ranbir if the meeting extends.

However, Rhea gets restless when the manager tells her that Ranbir is walking to the ward taxi stand as Ranbir has given the car to him.

Rhea decides to pick up Ranbir from a taxi stand as the atmosphere gets cloudy.

In the meantime, Prachi prays to Mata Rani for Khushi and tells Panditji that she wants to do a pooja for Khushi.

Soon after that, Prachi takes shelter on the roadside as it starts raining, and some bad guys try to trouble her.

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