Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2023 episode starts with Mihika telling Prachi that she has seen her ogling Ranber.

The family stands shocked while Mihika says that there is definitely something in Prachi's heart for Ranbeer.

Ranbir tells Mihika that he won't listen to anything against Prachi while Akshay angrily states that Ranbeer is too much worried about Prachi.

Just then, Akshay pulls up the CCTV footage while Prachi recalls Ranbeer talking to the dancer guy and states that it is true.

Ranbeer gets framed!

Vishakha states that the guy does not look like a dancer while Ranbeer asks how will he know who is a dancer and who is not a dancer.

Akshay argues that the man whom Ranbir thought of as a dancer is the kidnapper while Prachi tells the servant to bring all the dancers there.

Ranbir asks Prachi if she thinks he will kidnap Khushi while Akshay whispers to Prachi that Ranbir has done it once in the past too.

Prachi agrees while Ranbir tells her that she knows Khushi has run away from the orphanage and come to him.

However, Prachi does not agree with him and leaves to see the dancers.

Ranbeer defeatedly walks after them and doesn't find the man whom he was talking to while Akshay accuses him of sending away the guy to hide Khushi somewhere.

Akshay gets angry and holds Ranbeer by the collar while Ranbir states that he thinks it is Akshay who is behind kidnapping Khushi.

They both start fighting while the family separates them as Ashok tells them that they need to find Khushi first.

Ranbeer says that Khushi is his daughter while Akshay cries telling him not to take away that right from him as Khushi is legally his daughter.

Akshay gets on his knees and requests Prachi to get the answer from Ranbir as he does not care if Ranbeer has feelings for Prachi or not.

Prachi asks Ranbir about Khushi while she calls the police.

Prachi gets Ranbir arrested

Akshay brings Khushi's footwear from Ranbir's car and shows it to Ranbir while holding up Ranbeer's foot showing the mud on the sole of his shoes.

Prachi cries as she asks for Khushi while the police come there and arrest Ranbir.

Mihika requests her brother to send the police away but he leaves while Prachi.

Later, the Kohli family rushes to the police station and meets Ranbeer who begs them to talk to the police.

Pallavi goes and argues with the police officer who tells her that all the pieces of evidence point to Ranbeer.

He tells the family not to create a ruckus and go home as the court will be closed today.

He talks about how Ranbeer has done this to get back Prachi who is Akshay's wife.

Ranbeer shouts that he is Prachi's husband and Vikram agrees while the police officer calls him shameless for calling Akshay's wife his own wife.

He tells him that Akshay is a liar while the police officer gets angry at him and tells him that he will jail him.

Prachi pleads with Ranbir

He tells the family that he will put them in jail too and leaves while Ranbeer tells his family to get him bailed.

The Kohli's come to the Tandon family during which Pallavi shouts for Prachi while Akshay tells Pallavi that he can talk about her family too.

Vikram tells him to talk respectfully but Akshay rebukes them stating that Ranbir has kidnapped Khushi for the second time.

Ashok tells them that they should think about Khushi while Vikram takes his family from there as Pallavi curses them.

At the police station, Ranbeer gets happy seeing Prachi while she asks him where is Khushi and tells him that only Akshay has stepped up as her father.

Ranbir leaves while Prachi runs after him and tells him to tell about Khushi adding that she is a bad mother who could not even spend time with her.

He tells her that he understands her pain and talks about how he has so much love for Khushi but cannot shower his love on her.

Hearing this, Prachi states that this must be the reason why Ranbeer kidnapped Khushi making Ranbeer shout at her saying that she doesn't listen to him or believe him.

He tells her that because of this attitude of hers, they are not together and tells her that he will find Khushi while Prachi leaves from there.

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