Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2023 episode starts with Purvi and Prachi coming down.

Vinod stops them and asks Prachi why she lied to him that she is the owner of the house.

Purvi looks confused, to which Prachi clarifies that Vinod was not letting her cook peacefully, and said only he or the owner of the house can cook in the kitchen, so she lied.

Vinod says due to her, he tells Ranbir that his wife has come, and if Purvi's mother is his wife then Purvi will be his daughter.

Purvi asks for the meaning while Prachi asks her to ignore it as Vinod is confused a lot then they go from there.

After their departure, Ranbir comes downstairs and asks Vinod to stop his owner, to which Vinod says but she tells she isn't the owner.

Ranbir says Vinod confuses the others a lot, and says he'll see himself.

In the meantime, the nurses came so Ranbir couldn't go after Prachi and decided to talk with her on call.

Prachi and Purvi search for transport to go back home while Purvi says she faced the same problem, previously too.

She adds, how Ranbir helped her in saving Rajvansh and remembers that they came without meeting and wants to go back, but Prachi asks her to call instead.

However, the call cannot connect and they go home.

Vikrant comes to pick up Rajvansh, and he asks about Rajvansh's condition, to which he assures him.

In the meantime, Vikrant thanks Ranbir for helping Rajvansh, while Ranbir asks him to be fine soon.

Rajvansh asks if he is showing care to make him realize his favor while Ranbir says he isn't like that and he helped him for Purvi, he asks him to get well soon.

Purvi and Prachi come home and talk about Rajvansh and Purvi feels upset thinking Manpreet and Diya also hadn't dinner.

Manpreet asks her to have food made by her, as soon as Purvi has to eat self-cooked food.

Purvi gets emotional thinking soon she has to leave her house, and worries about how she'll stay without them, to which all consoles her.

Later, the Malhotra family members worry for Rajvansh while he comes with Vikrant in an injured state.

Harleen worries for him, while he tells how his accident happened.

Purvi waits for Rajvansh's message while Diya teases her, on the other hand, the all men of the family fight to sleep with Rajvansh, but they somehow figure out how they can do it.

Harleen warns them to not trouble Rajvansh.

Later, Rajvansh tries to message Purvi but his Dadu doesn't let him use the phone and asks him to sleep well.

On the other side, Jasbeer wonders about telling what Shera has called him. 

Just then, Jasbeer's uncle comes and tells him about the upcoming elections that he is confident about his win and asks if Jasbeer is related to the accident that happened on the 55 crossing (Rajvansh's accident).

Jasbeer lies, to which his uncle says even if it's true, it should not be out in the news.

Further, Shera tells Jasbeer that Rajvansh got saved.

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