Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2023 episode starts with Shera telling Jasbeer that Rajvansh is alive, to which Jasbeer gets tense thinking how it can happen.

Jasbeer thinks now what should he do as Rajvansh gets saved, on the other hand, his uncle's election is near.

Shera gives him the idea to pretend to be a good boy in front of the Rajvansh family, without any mistakes.

He adds, that as they can't do it, they have to make someone else do it.

The next morning, Purvi gets up and checks for Rajvansh's message on the phone but gets disappointed after seeing no messages from him, and thinks that people shouldn't make such promises, that they can't fulfil.

Diya asks her not to feel bad as he was injured and might have been sleeping after taking medicine, understanding her.

Purvi tries to pretend that she's not bothered by his message but Diya teases her to which Purvi gets upset with her, but Diya pacifies her.

Elsewhere, Harleen comes to Rajvansh's room and finds all the men sleeping near Rajvansh and she wakes them.

Rajvansh also wakes up and says he is happy to have such a lovely family but they should go now to their respective rooms, as he was not comfortable with them.

Further, Rajvansh assures Harleen that he is fine now, but Harleen says she is happy to know it but will believe it only after the doctor says that, and says she'll call the doctor for the checkup.

Rajvansh tries to convince her that he is fine, but Harleen stays adamant, so Rajvansh agrees with her.

After her departure, Rajvansh remembered that he had forgotten to message Purvi.

Only then, he receives a call and says he'll be there by noon.

Yug advises Rajvansh to rest and not leave, but Rajvansh insists on staying for a crucial meeting due to a business issue.

He confides in Yug about the situation, and Yug agrees to help him conceal it.

There, at Purvi's house, Ashutosh comes with his family, and Beena says that Purvi is so lucky for them, yesterday she came into their house, and today Ashutosh got a promotion.

She adds he'll go for training soon in Bengaluru, so they want to complete the wedding in 4 days.

Purvi's family agrees to it after initial hesitation, and Purvi and Ashutosh go to fix a banquet hall for the functions.

Ashutosh fights over prices but Rajvansh passes by from there and asks the receptionist to do everything as per Ashutosh's budget.

He goes from there with the receptionist to finalize things, while Purvi scolds Rajvansh for not resting and attending meetings.

Rajvansh promises her to take a rest and says she has favoured him by saving his life, and he wants to repay it, to which Purvi denies it.

Later, Rajvansh doesn't cancel any of the meetings saying he loves his family and work the most.

On the other side, Ashok praises Prachi and Purvi in front of Ashutosh's parents, to which they agree, while Ashok says they have crossed their limits many times.

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