Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 23rd July 2023 episode starts with Mihika apologizing to Ranbir for yelling and criticizing him and begins to panic as she thinks of Akshay and his circumstances.

Mahika panics and wanders back and forth muttering about how Ranbir has seriously harmed Akshay and Prachi's relationship adding that she must do something to fix the situation.

Ranbir looks perplexed by Mihika while she claims to speak with Akshay and walks away.

Meanwhile, Vishaka dances in her room moving her veil when Ashok enters and asks her happiness.

Vishaka shouts with excitement that she is now confirmed Ranbir and Mihika are a couple, as well as Prachi and Akshay.

With a smile, Ashok agrees with her but also thinks of something awful is about to happen to them.

Prachi, on the other hand, walks down the corridor in horror and recalls Akshay's actions and how he acted like a lunatic and him trying to erase her Kumkum.

Meanwhile, Mihika confronts Prachi in the corridor asking nervously if Akshay is upset about the situation.

Prachi labels Akshay a maniac while Mihika explains to Prachi how Akshay's actions are partially justified because of his feelings for her.

Mihika, on the other hand, criticizes Ranbir for not having the respect to apologize to Akshay over this and adds that his behavior suggests he has a soft spot for Prachi.

Prachi looks at Mihika in surprise while Mihika leaves.

As Prachi rushes down the corridor Ranbir collides with her and, noticing her begins asking her about her condition.

Prachi grows furious with Ranbir and tells him to stop acting like he cares about her.

Prachi describes how Akshay was upset when he saw Ranbir fill Kumkum on her head and how he repeatedly rubbed it to shed the Kumkum.

Ranbir becomes enraged and decides to fight with him but Prachi stops him and begins blaming him for everything.

Prachi cries that she only has custody of Khushi because of Akshay and so wants only peace with him and she fiercely urges Ranbir to stay away.

Meanwhile, Akshay wanders around the room like a maniac constantly recalling how he erased Prachi's Kumkum as Prachi continued to reject it.

As Mihika enters to speak with him Akshay grabs her and begins chastising Prachi blaming her for everything.

Akshay panics and prepares to flee wondering whether Prachi has decided to abandon him permanently to which Mihika trembles and attempts to calm him down.

Mihika hugs Akshay and attempts to explain how things got out of hand because he was angry while Akshay widens his eyes and pulls his left ear thinking about his brutal behavior with Prachi.

Akshay tells Mihika that he is becoming desperate for Prachi and does not want to revert to his former self as an unstable, insane, and psychotic man.

Mihika calms Akshay down and explains how she, too, had lost control but adds that they must keep their evil side concealed from everyone.

Mihika insists that Akshay talk with Prachi and sort things out.

Later, everyone has lunch when Vishaka begins to appreciate Mihika's choice as much as Ranbir.

Manpreet, on the other hand, asks Prachi to serve food while Akshay declares how angry Prachi is with him.

This causes Prachi to storm out to which Akshay follows her while Manpreet insists Ashok on speaking with Akshay about the matter.

Akshay meets Prachi in the room and apologizes for his behavior but Prachi vows she can never forgive him.

Ranbir overhears this as Akshay falls to his knees to apologize and declares that he will not move till Prachi accepts his apology.

When Prachi sees this, she agrees, while Akshay happily insists she they shopping.

However, Ranbir confronts them and opposes this.

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