Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 23rd June 2023 episode starts with Mihika and the taxi driver bringing in Ranbir into a room and laying him on the bed so that he can relax.

Mihika thinks about what she should do now that she has brought Ranbir with him and tries to ask Ranbir his name but Ranbir does not respond to anything.

Confused with her decision, Mihika asks Ranbir how he crashed into her life in such a manner but thanks him for coming into her life as he saved her from those loafers earlier.

The taxi driver reminds Mihika about her luggage that is left in his car and Mihika asks him to bring those in that room for her as those things completely left her memory.

After the taxi driver brings the luggage for Mihika, she gives the money to him and the taxi driver informs her that 500 extra is there.

However, Mihika asks the taxi driver to keep it with him as he helped her tremendously throughout this journey.

The taxi driver leaves while Mihika decides to give some painkillers to Ranbir to ease his pain and searches for the medicine box.

Mihika takes out one painkiller and asks Ranbir to open his mouth but he slowly mutters Prachi's name in his drunk state leaving Mihika confused.

Hearing Prachi's name hazily, Mihika decides that Prachi must be Ranbir's wife or girlfriend but decides on the former as he was saying that she got married to someone.

Mihika tells Ranbir that everyone goes through a breakup once in their lives and he should cheer up as he would find the girl suitable for him.

Ranbir says that he has been betrayed by his lover which leaves Mihika in a sympathetic state toward Ranbir.

Meanwhile, Prachi hears a knock on the door and asks Akshay who the person on the other side might be while Akshay asks her to calm down.

Akshay opens the door to find out that it is Mihika who has arrived and she meets Prachi first while leaving Akshay standing at the door alone.

Mihika says that Prachi is prettier than she looks in pictures and asks her why she married Akshay as there must be a reason behind such an act.

Akshay asks Mihika what she is talking about while Prachi gets nervous upon hearing the question making Mihika laugh and say that Akshay is far below Prachi's standard.

Mihika asks Prachi and Akshay to roam around a bit while she decorates the room properly for them.

Akshay tells Prachi that Mihika is very special to him as he loves her very much and is very possessive regarding things related to her as her brother.

As Prachi and Akshay walk toward the guest room, Mihika stops them and tells them that the room is ready and they can come in.

Prachi and Akshay get shocked to see the room changed and Prachi says that Mihika has the judgement of aesthetic things.

Mihika denies leaving until Akshay gives her his gold chain as shagun after which Akshay asks Prachi to sleep on the bed and he would sleep in the drawing room for that night.

After making sure Ranbir is okay, Mihika leaves for her room while Vishakha catches Akshay sleeping in the drawing room and asks him what the matter is.

Akshay tells her that he came out of the room because Prachi snores very loudly.

Meanwhile, Ranbir comes to his senses and roams around the house leading him to Prachi's room where he bangs the door while calling for Prachi.

Prachi gets shocked to hear Ranbir's house and opens the door after hesitating for some moments to check whether it is Ranbir.

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