Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Shahana continuing to tell Khushi that Prachi is her real mother and when she went missing, Prachi's life became empty.

Khushi gets emotional to hear about Prachi's struggle while Shahana advises her to be happy and enjoy her first birthday with Prachi.

However, the stubborn streak in Khushi emerges when she begs Shahana, again and again, to call Shiv (Ranbeer) to the party too.

Shahana denies doing so but when Khushi promises to be happy on her birthday, Shahana hesitantly calls Ranbeer.

Seeing Shahana's number ring on his phone, Ranbeer asks her if everyone is okay at home including Prachi while Khushi stands on a stool to Shahana's height excitedly.

Shahana awkwardly asks Ranbeer to come to Prachi's house as Khushi's birthday is being celebrated but he asks her if she is inviting him or if it is Prachi.

Shahana lies and says Prachi wants him to come too but Ranbeer hears Khushi's voice in the background and becomes elated.

He tells her that he will come with the whole family while Shahana awaits Prachi's scolding but gets praised by Khushi who calls her "Maasi".

Meanwhile, Balveera stands outside Prachi's house and vows to kill her today under everyone's noses.

Just then, he sees a magician come to the house, hired for the birthday party, and sneakily attacks his head to get his costume to enter.

On the other hand, Dadi expresses her concern as to what if Meera isn't pleased with the party while Prachi says she just cares about Khushi's happiness.

As if on cue, Khushi comes outside after changing and asks Prachi where her cake is.

Prachi says that it is right there as she made it herself and asks Khushi what else she wants.

Khushi very cutely says that Prachi can start with a hug and both the mother and daughter hug each other.

As Prachi sees Shahana, she winks at her in gratitude but Shahana later spills the beans to Dadi alone.

She says that Khushi is happy because she made her invite Ranbeer and his whole family.

Dadi gets shocked and rebukes Shahana who says she will have to cover her head with a veil now to avoid Prachi when she sees Ranbeer.

Meanwhile, Balveera changes into the magician's costume as the senior magician of the junior one who Balveera attacked is inside.

Rhea finds the Kohli house empty and calls Pallavi to ask where everyone is without her.

Pallavi tells her that they are at Khushi's birthday party, making Rhea tell her to enjoy it but internally she recalls Aaliya's words about Ranbeer's family ditching her soon or later.

Rhea cries on the bed, looking at Ranbeer's photo while Shahana tells Dadi to handle the matter as Ranbeer's family is there now.

Balveera who has now entered inside with a magician's clothes on, covers his face with a moustache and is just about to attack Prachi with a knife when he sees Ranbeer.

Khushi gets delighted to see Dida and Pallavi and hugs Ranbeer who has also come. 

He takes Khushi in his arms and compliments her for looking so beautiful.

Prachi then looks toward Shahana who hides behind Dadi while Meera rebukes Prachi for inviting Ranbeer.

Ignoring her, Prachi follows Shahana while nervous Shahana bumps into Balveera and asks him to make her vanish or Prachi would.

Balveera leaves the place when Prachi comes there to scold Shahana.

Meanwhile, Rhea goes to Aaliya's house to find some peace of mind but doesn't exactly say what is bothering her.

Shahana informs Prachi that mini-Prachi AKA Khushi made her call Ranbeer and leaves again while Prachi's head bumps into Ranbeer's.

Ranbeer utters an ouch as they both bump their head again to avoid bad luck. 

Meanwhile, Khushi grabs Shahana by the hand and asks her who can help get Shiv and Parvati back because they are not intelligent enough to get back together.

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