Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 24th March 2023 episode starts with Prachi and Priya discussing the work when Akshay appears from behind and kneels with a ring.

However soon enough, Akshay gets a call, and Prachi turns around and sees that Akshay is sitting on the floor.

When Prachi asks what he's doing on the floor, Akshay gets nervous and tells her that his phone has fallen down.

Priya starts blushing upon seeing Akshay, which makes Prachi question the reason behind this smile.

When Ashok calls Akshay and asks when he plans to propose to Prachi, Akshay tells him that his call ruined his plans.

Ashok informs Akshay that he will be attending the party to witness Akshay's proposal.

Meanwhile, Priya is slowly falling in love with Akshay, as she blushes while looking at Akshay.

Pallavi, Dalljeet, and Vikram are talking about Khushi and her resemblance to Ranbeer.

Pallavi informs them that she knows both of their wishes to keep Khushi at home with them.

On the other hand, Akshay informs the media that he is donating money to the company's projects and growth.

Akshay tells Prachi to hand over the cheque to Ranbeer while he reveals to the media how important Prachi is to the company and how much he admires her work.

While Prachi becomes emotional and tries to convince herself that everything has changed, she wonders why she still thinks of Ranbeer.

Ranbeer comes and listens to her talk and tells her that she still cares for him.

Dida and Pallavi are watching everything from the back, and Dida tells Pallavi to go and keep Ranbeer and Prachi apart, reminding Pallavi of the incident in the kitchen when Rhea saved Pallavi by putting her life in danger.

Prachi tells Ranbeer that she doesn't care about him anymore, which makes Ranbeer emotional.

Ranbeer tells her that she can lie to him but her eyes cannot, and he also inquires about Prachi's health.

Prachi, who is hurt, questions him about having time to finally ask her while Ranbeer expresses that he has always wanted to talk to her, meet her, and hug her, which makes Prachi impassive.

She tries to cover her sentiments and replies to him that she is changing now and also informs him that the new Prachi listens to her brain and is very bold.

Seeing them together disturbs Dida, Pallavi, and Vikram while Pallavi is forced to recollect how Rhea got burned in the fire and suffered for her.

She also recalls how helpless she was at the time, sobbing in front of Ranbeer, and convincing him to make a promise to marry Rhea.

At that point, Ranbeer, who adores Pallavi made a promise to her that he would marry Rhea.

Recollecting these flashbacks, makes Pallavi's eyes fill with tears, and she feels helpless and tells Vikram to forget everything and forgive Prachi, but Dida doesn't agree.

Pallavi rolls her eyes and says maybe she is unable to express how she feels and lets both Vikram and Dida know that since nothing is the same now, they shouldn't hold onto the past and move on.

Vikram agrees with Pallavi but Dida doesn't and says after Prachi left, Ranbeer's life almost ended but it is only because of Rhea that things became better.

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