Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Vikrant examining the file while Deepika comes to him complaining about Rajvansh that he is just busy in work and doesn't have an idea what's happening outside.

Meanwhile, Vikrant tells her that Rajvansh has apologized to him in a proper way after which Deepika says that Rajvansh apologized to him in private after insulting him in front of Yug who can tell the others about the incident.

She adds, that Rajvansh is doing all that as per Purvi's wish while Vikrant doesn't pay attention to her so Deepika asks him to come outside as Harleen wants to have a discussion.

There, Dadi says to Harleen that she has always done good for the family and now too while Dadu asks Dadi that she used to say Purvi is a good girl after which Dadi says that she made a mistake in understanding Purvi and Harleen says that she is like Khushi only.

Just then, Rajvansh comes there and asks them if something has happened after which he apologizes for his rude behaviour with Vikrant once again.

After that, Harleen says that no one wanted Purvi to come back home from the jail but Rajvansh brought her back if he has forgotten what all Khushi did to them.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh says that he has not forgotten but he bailed out Purvi because it was demolishing their reputation also he wants to take revenge himself from Purvi and doesn't want it through any police.

Further, Harleen says that by the end of the revenge Rajvansh has to marry Monisha and if he feels like doing anything good for Purvi he should discuss with her first.

Just then, they see Prachi at the entrance and gets shocked while the goon calls Monisha for money after which she agrees to give him the money and they decide to meet at the temple.

There, the goon thinks that if Monisha doesn't give him money then he'll expose her in front of her family while Prachi says to them that they are misunderstanding Purvi as she is innocent while Harleen says it'll be proven in the court only.

After that, Prachi asks Rajvansh to support Purvi while Harleen asks her to leave and Vaishali makes fun of her.

Later, Rajvansh comes in his room thinking about Harleen's words while Prachi comes back home and shares about Malhotra's changed behaviour with Vishakha.

In the morning, the goon calls Monisha for money while she assures him while Purvi tries to talk with Dadi but she scolds her and Purvi asks her to believe that she is innocent but Dadi asks Harleen to oust Purvi from her room.

Then, they bad-mouths Purvi while she listens it from the outside.

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