Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2023 episode starts with Prachi and Akshay arriving home and Manpreet asking Akshay if they could find anything about Khushi.

Akshay tells Manpreet that they did not get any crucial clue while Prachi notices the flute Khushi was using as Lord Krishna and breaks down into tears.

Manpreet comforts Prachi, asking her to control her emotions as she needs to be strong for Khushi to come back.

Prachi says that she is not a good mother as she failed to take care of her daughter to which Manpreet says that this is not the case and Prachi is one of the best mothers who loves her daughter very much.

Ashok and Vishakha come to the living room when Prachi begs Ashok to do something to find Khushi after which, Ashok says that he has called a special investigator for kidnapping.

Akshay gets nervous on hearing about the special investigator while Vishakha asks him what he is bothered by to which Akshay does not give a clear answer.

Meanwhile, Ranbir's jail mate asks him to let him help Ranbir find his daughter as she is very young and can be injured in three days.

Ranbir asks the man how he will help him as they both are behind bars to which the man says that he has come there on his own will as he hates the outside world.

The man shares his story of getting punished for killing the man who killed his daughter which makes Ranbir empathetic toward him and he agrees to follow that man's plan.

Ranbir and that man plan to act out an argument between them after which the constable will come to solve it and they will take the chance to escape from there.

At the same time, Prachi and others wait for the investigator when she arrives straight from the airport after which Ashok introduces her as Vedika.

Vedika summarizes the case and says that she will question each family member individually starting with Prachi while Akshay gets continuous calls from Rana.

Elsewhere, Ranbir and the man act like they are fighting with each other after which the constable opens the cell but gets distracted by another criminal causing a scene.

Ranbir and the man run away from the police station with the police officers chasing after them but Ranbir gets a motorbike and rides that to drive away with the man.

Vedika asks Prachi about her relationship with Akshay and Ranbir after which she calls Akshay to answer her questions.

Akshay cuts Rana's call and tells Vedika that Ranbir is the person behind everything which makes Vedika a bit suspicious about Akshay's attitude.

After the talk, Akshay picks up Rana's call and is shocked to hear that he is outside the house leading Akshay to come out to meet Rana.

Akshay gives Rana the money and asks him to call the family for the ransom after which Akshay will tell him what they should do with Khushi.

As Rana tells Akshay that Khushi is just a kid, Akshay threatens Rana that he will do the thinking and they just need to follow his orders.

Prachi comes to find Akshay and asks him to come inside while Rana leaves the house but gets spotted by Ranbir as he and that man are running away on the bike.

However, Rana stops his car at a police check post and Ranbir realizes that the police are searching for him.

The man asks Ranbir to hide somewhere when Ranbir spots the trunk of Rana's car after the police have checked it and sneaks into it so that he gets to know their location.

Ranbir promises to meet that man and call him with a phone he gets from the man and they separate.

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