Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with RV asking Poorvi what she is doing there after that she says that she was just thinking about something.

RV recalls Harleen's word that she will make him marry Monisha at any cost, but he does not tell her about it to Poorvi but asks her why she is tense.

Poorvi is about to tell him, but he says that he cannot solve her problems which makes Poorvi confused, and she asks him what he wants then RV says that he is getting late for work.

Then, Poorvi asks him to take her along with him after that he asks her what she will do in the office then Poorvi says that she has to the temple, so RV takes her along with him.

She thanks him for listening to her after that she asks him if he wants to join her then RV says that he has important work to do so he drops her off and goes from there while Poorvi notices Monisha over there with a man and she tries to listen what is she saying that man.

On the other hand, Khushi gets to know that Prachi and Vaishaka are living in a poor house after which Khushi asks Prachi to come along with her while Prachi says that she will never take money from her kids.

Khushi tells her that everyone is blaming Poorvi for their condition then Prachi tells her that there is nothing like that and Poorvi does not even know about it.

Meanwhile, Poorvi prays to God and asks him to always support her whereas Vishakha comes to meet Harleen to sort out the things that they have asked money from Poorvi to deal with their situation.

She tells Harleen that Poorvi does not even know about it while Harleen and her friend make Faces and does not believe in her and says that Poorvi has made a blunder by ruining her in-law's image to defend Prachi.

Vishakha says that Poorvi can never do it and Divya also defends Poorvi after which Harleen asks Divya to not interrupt when elders are talking whereas Poorvi follows the man who met Monisha.

She tries to stop him, but he runs on the bike from there and he calls Monisha to inform her about it and tells her that Poorvi is coming behind him after that Monisha asks him to be careful.

On the other hand, Harleen and other family members like the dinner, and after that, they get to know that Poorvi cooked the dinner then Dipika says that Poorvi is doing all these things to win their hearts.

Harleen says that Poorvi can never take Monisha's place and compares her looks with Monisha's while she asks Poorvi to serve food to her too and murmurs that she has to find some proof to confront Monisha.

Just then, Harleen again reminds Poorvi that she ruined their family's image and manipulated RV which led to a clash between the family members, and asks her to stay away from them.

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