Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2023 episode starts with Mihika and Akshay arguing with each other while Abhay tries to calm them.

Mihika tells him to stay silent while Divya brings water for them, telling them not to lose their brains over each other.

However, both Mihika and Akshay call them young to not understand this.

Abhay tells them to answer why Ranbir and Prachi don't love them and leaves with Divya, saying that they are not going to understand.

Akshay to help Mihika

Further, Akshay tells Mihika that if they continue arguing, neither of them is going to get their love.

He tells her to trust him as he will make sure that he gets Prachi and she gets Ranbeer as he leaves.

Meanwhile, Manpreet and Vishakha clean the mess as Vishakha cries that the mess replicates Mihika's heart.

She asks Manpreet to say something but Manpreet states that Mihika brought this onto herself as she knew that Ranbir didn't love her yet she went and proposed to him.

She cries that what Mihika has told Prachi is wrong and turns away while Vishakha tells her that she should care about Mihika rather than Prachi.

Vishakha scolds a servant for listening to their conversation and tells herself that only she has to take care of Mihika and Akshay.

On the other hand, Prachi is packing her things as she recalls Ashok, telling her that he supports her and cries while Manpreet comes there.

She consoles Prachi, telling her that she is her daughter while Ashok also comes there and blesses her happiness.

Prachi cries, calling both of them her parents and tells them that they have to listen to her as she walks away with tears.

Ashok watches her as he tells Manpreet that Prachi deserves happiness but it is their children only who want to take away her happiness.

Vishakha promises Akshay

Meanwhile, Divya looks for Mihika in her room and finds her on the ground on the balcony, desperately eating chocolate.

Divya tries to comfort her while Mihika states that she is such an eligible person yet she doesn't have anyone to love her.

She tells her that Ranbhir wants to give his love to someone else which angers Mihika and she tells Divya to leave.

Hearing this, Divya calms her and agrees to her idea of impressing Khushi to keep Ranbeer with her and tells her to get ready as they have been called downstairs.

Elsewhere, Vishakha goes to Akshay and stops him from drinking as he complains about Ranbir taking away everything from him.

Vishakha cries that he is everything to her and that she will do everything for his happiness when he hugs her tightly.

Akshay desperately asks for Prachi as he tells Vishakha that he cannot live without her and Vishakha tells him to become so good that Prachi starts feeling guilty for breaking his heart.

Elsewhere, Khushi happily informs Ranbir that Dida and Pallavi have arrived with a gift for her and hides telling him that they must be coming.

Ranbeer greets Pallavi and Dida while Khushi sneaks up on them and surprises them.

Pallavi and Dida's surprise visit

They both happily hug her and give her gifts as she leaves the room, stating that she will show them to her best friend.

Just then, Divya comes there and informs Ranbir that Manpreet is calling him to the terrace.

The family gathers on the terrace as Pallavi and Dida state that they came to take Ranbeer and meet Prachi too.

Mihika tells them to take Prachi too in a mocking way and Dida agrees while Ashok argues that his house will be empty if the children leave.

Pallavi and Dida get shocked as they learn about Ranbir's injury while trying to save Prachi as he tells them that he is alright.

Prachi comes there just then and gets teary, hearing about Ranbir's injury as she walks past him and serves snacks.

He asks for tea when Prachi leaves, stating that she will tell Sangita while Pallavi tells Manpreet and Ashok that they have done wrong by not informing him of Ranbir's injury.

Akshay walks away from there and gets even angrier as he watches Ranbir following after Prachi, trying to get her forgiveness.

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