Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2023 episode starts with the police getting busy with the investigation while Rana drives away in his car unknown of Ranbeer being in the trunk.

Akshay gets defensive

Meanwhile, Vedika questions Akshay about a call he got while he gets defensive and lies that he was talking to an office employee.

She turns and talks to the family telling them that since she is there for the sole purpose of Khushi she is going to keep doubting everyone as she is sure the kidnapping was done by someone from the family only.

Ashok nods saying that they need to find Khushi while on the other hand, Ranbeer follows Rana and sees him entering the factory where Khushi is kept.

Once inside, Rana sits beside Khushi and calls Prachi's number for ransom while Vedika makes Prachi put the call on speaker.

Prachi asks him to let her hear Khushi's voice and the man is about to ask for money when he notices Ranbeer and disconnects the call escaping.

Vedika scolds Prachi saying that they will not be able to trace the call as her team is not there yet while Prachi continues trying to call the same number.

The goon drops his phone in the factory while escaping as Ranbeer finds the phone and picks up Prachi's call telling her that he is there now and he will bring their daughter back.

He disconnects the call and runs to find the goons who shoot a bullet towards him and manage to run away from the other door which they lock from the outside.

Mihika gets slapped

At home, Akshay gets frantic saying that Ranbeer managed to escape from the police station calls the inspector, and starts rebuking him.

Prachi asks Vedika what can they do to find Ranbeer's location if Prachi is with him and Vedika tells her to calm down.

She snatches the call from Akshay and tells the inspector to keep giving him updates as she talks to her team who has just come there.

Akshay comes to his room and calls Rana while Rana's car breaks down.

However, Ranbir's jail friend, Surya notices them and calls Ranbir informing him of the location.

Akshay tells Rana that the police are onto him while Rana tells him to handle Ranbir with the warning that if he gets in trouble, Akshay will be in trouble too.

Later, Prachi calls Ranbeer and tries to continue talking to him while Vedika's team tries to trace the call.

However, Mihika disconnects the call telling Prachi that she trusts Ranbir and that he will bring Khushi back.

Akshay comes there and slaps Mihika, shocking everyone.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer meets up with Surya who tells him to get into the stolen taxi so that they can go after the goons.

Surya helps Ranbeer once again

Ranbeer asks him why he's helping her while Surya tells him that his daughter's soul will be at peace knowing that he managed to save someone's daughter and talks about how he knows all the roads of the city by heart.

Back at the Tandon mansion, Akshay threatens to slap Mihika again calling her crazy for Ranbir while Mandeep and Ashok tell him that he has lost his sense.

Prachi tells him to keep his anger to himself as they should focus on Khushi and not the dramas he's creating.

Akshay says that only he cares about Khushi while Mihika shouts at everyone saying that they all liked Ranbeer but are doubting him now.

On the other hand, Ranbeer and Surya continue going after Rana's car while the police notice Ranbeer and chase after him.

Prachi is at home and says that she cannot wait any longer and tries to leave saying that she will talk to Ranbeer but is stopped by Vedika.

Akshay leaves, taking advantage of the drama as Mihika comes to Prachi and tells her to ask her heart and answer if she thinks Ranbeer can kidnap Khusi or not putting aside the facts that Akshay provided them with.

Prachi is unable to answer but she turns to Vedika for an answer as she assures them that Ranbeer will definitely call them.

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