Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 27th April 2023 episode starts with Rabeer getting awkward seeing Akshay embracing Prachi and walks away.

A disheartened Ranbeer remembers Prachi and Akshay’s moments together while Vikaram follows him and hugs Ranbeer to offer his strength to his vulnerable son.

Ranbeer makes an excuse to Vikram for feeling weak because of donating blood as Vikram plays along with Ranbeer’s pretense by not making him more emotional.

They walk towards the family members and Dida bashes Vikram for coming this late taunting him about his slow walk.

As Vikram looks at Khushi through the ICU panel, tears roll downs his eyes.

He tells everyone that he finds Khushi an exact carbon copy of Ranbeer - the way she looks, the way she talks and even her blood group is similar to Ranbeer.

Badi Dida interrupts him and tells him that this can be a mere coincidence.

Vikram tries to make them understand but Pallavi asks the nurse to take him to the blood bank while Shahana is lost in her thoughts.

Further, Ranbeer ponders on Vikram’s observation and thinks hard about it, looking at an unconscious Khushi through the transparent glass.

He remembers his moments with Khushi and acknowledges the strong connection he feels for her as Vikram’s words take over his mind.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, he checks himself by comparing Khushi’s photo on his phone.

Ranbeer concludes that Khushi looks like Prachi and not like him but realizes that even if she looks like Prachi that means Khushi is their daughter and beams with joy.

Just then, the doctor enters the locker room and Ranbeer takes the opportunity to seek his help in conducting a DNA test with Khushi.

Dr. Satish assures him of his support but asks him to keep their conversation a secret.

In jail, Wilson asks Balbeer about getting caught by the police and blames his girlfriend for their condition.

Balbeer tells Wilson to use his financial capabilities to release themselves from the lockup but Wilson, thinking logically, tells Balbeer to not get someone else involved in their problem.

He tells him to use his girlfriend for their bail but he needs to return her favour financially.

Balbeer requests the officer to let him make a call and calls his girlfriend, Laali, and requests her to hear him out.

He pleads to Laali and seeks her forgiveness but she denounces her request and tells him to cut all his ties with her.

The officer warns Balbeer to cut the call as the law does not allow the criminals for full-fledged conversations.

Balbeer tells Laali to help him get his bail and offers her a huge sum of money as she rejoices to hear about monetary gains.

Balbeer then informs Wilson about Laali coming to their rescue and Wilson calls him cunning.

Angered by Prachi’s action, Balbeer tells Wilson about taking his revenge on Prachi and settling his scores.

Meanwhile, an emotional Prachi seeks an apology from Goddess Durga in the temple as she repents for her behaviour.

As she breaks down, she asks for her blessing and kindness for Khushi and not to make her go through the pain of losing a child again.

Prachi weeps heavily as she begs for Khushi’s life from the almighty.

The weather changes as a woman with divine powers comes to Prachi and blesses her with happiness coming into her life.

She blesses her for Khushi’s life and everything to be alright in her life.

She takes Prachi along with her for the pristine havan and calms a heartbroken Prachi.

In the hospital, Ranbeer talks to himself looking at the sky with an optimistic approach to getting his baby girl back in his life.

With hope in his heart, he asks the divine universe to weave magic and return him to his daughter.

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