Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2023 episode starts with Ranbeer mocking Prachi for marrying someone else.

Prachi rebukes Ranbeer saying that someone is her husband now and she got married to get her daughter back because he could have snatched her.

Ranbeer bashes Prachi for thinking so filthy about him while Prachi gets nervous hearing Vishaka taking her name.

Prachi asks Ranbeer to leave before Vishaka sees them together and she ends up creating a scene but Ranbeer refuses to leave.

She pushes Ranbeer to the door while Ranbeer warns her that she is not doing right with him and she will be welcoming him back with respect and happiness in the same house.

Prachi locks the door and Vishaka calls her to return to the hall to receive feedback for her Pehli Rasoi ritual.

Elsewhere, Vishaka gets Prachi to the hall and everyone starts praising her for cooking a delicious Kheer for everyone.

Further, Prachi whispers to Akshay to go to the orphanage as they might get late and just then she receives a call from Meera.

Vishaka realises Prachi's truth

Prachi tells Akshay about Meera's request and Vishaka gets cautious hearing their conversation and asks them about their adoption process.

Akshay informs Vishaka about Prachi's daughter from her previous marriage - Khushi.

Vishaka asks Prachi to have a daughter with Akshay if they want to have a family saying that she need not have a daughter from the husband she is no longer with.

Prachi tells Vishaka that she will no longer associate with any of her past relationships except her daughter Khushi whom she carried for nine months within her womb.

Manpreet supports Prachi saying that a mother can never overcome her feelings for her child turning Vishaka more frustrated.

Ranbeer returns home

Meanwhile, Ranbeer returns to his house and Pallavi and Dida take a sigh of relief seeing him safe.

However, Ranbeer gets anxious seeing the police forces at his house and Vikram informs his saying that they called the police to find him as he did not return last night.

Aliya mocks Ranbeer for his insensitive and careless behaviour reminding him that he left Rhea on the mandap all alone.

A concerned Rhea holding Ranbeer asks him why he does it with her every time.

Ranbeer states that he told everyone that he was never sure of his wedding with Rhea and blames them for making him sit on the mandap forcefully.

He bashes Rhea for acting all great on the mandap and tells her that he cannot keep her in illusion to marry her.

An irked Ranbeer bashes Aliya for having the guts to stand in his house after putting him through so much pain all his life.

Ranbeer turns angsty

Further, Ranbeer gets Rhea's belongings in a suitcase asking her to leave his house with grace and dignity.

Aliya gets hyper seeing Ranbeer insulting her and Rhea and screams at him for crossing his lines.

Ranbeer stops Aliya in-between while Rhea asks Ranbeer if he is throwing her out of his house.

He tells her that he is asking her to leave but in case she doesn't then he will throw her out as well.

Further, he asks Aliya to not interfere otherwise she will be responsible for his outrage and Rhea reminds him about the sacrifices she did for him and his family.

Ranbeer tells everyone about Aliya's move to kidnap him last night to get him married to Rhea.

Rhea insists Ranbeer to not make everything about himself stating that he cannot force his decision over everyone.

Further, Ranbeer gets a matchstick and puts Rhea's suitcase on fire while Rhea takes a dig at him saying that Prachi left him and married Akshay for saving her future.

Rhea tells Ranbeer that Prachi never loved him and that Prachi never belonged to him making him even angrier.

Pallavi gets upset seeing Ranbeer behaving like this and Vikram tries to put water over the suitcase.

Just then, Ranbeer returns with Prachi's photo and her belongings stating that he will burn all memories of Prachi if she is not her making Rhea smile.

He states looking at Prachi's photo that he will never let Prachi forget him and promises her that she will see a new Ranbeer now while Prachi's words echo in his ears.

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