Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Monisha trying to make Poorvi feel bad by saying that everyone in the family likes her so it will be better if she stays away from them.

Poorvi tells her that she has got to learn about her truth as she noticed him with the man who exchanged the fake money with the real one due to which her family suffered.

She warns Monisha and says that she will bring her truth in front of everyone Monisha takes it as a challenge and shows arrogance to Poorv but Poorvi also decides that she will conquer.

After that, Poorvi goes into her room and finds RV over there and asks him why he got late as she was waiting for him to have dinner with her.

RV asks her to not behave like a typical wife after which Poorvi feels bad and tells him that she was waiting for him to tell him that she is going to meet Prachi tomorrow.

Then, RV also becomes angry after knowing that she was waiting for him just to tell this thing while Poorvi goes from there to have dinner and she murmurs that it is a huge family but there is no one with whom she can have dinner.

Yug comes there and joins her in having dinner after which he asks her if she is having some problem then she tells him that she isn't wrong at her place.

Afterward, Yug consoles her and says that he knows that she is not wrong and he assures her that he will help her with things after that Poorvi goes to her room and finds RV shirtless there.

She turns around when RV feels conscious and he asks her to come inside after knocking at the door while Poorvi says that it is her room too so she can come there whenever she wants.

RV argues with Poorvi and says that he will show her the right place but Poorvi shows arrogance to him after which RV goes out from there and meets Yug and says that Poorvi has made him mad.

Yug pulls his leg and says that he has fallen in love with Poorvi but RV does not accept it while Poorvi gets ready to meet Prachi and she goes there.

Prachi becomes happy after seeing her there and goes to make tea for her while Vishakha asks Poorvi why her in-laws are making them feel that they want money from them.

Poorvi is unaware of the things that happened after which Vishaka tells her everything but Prachi comes there so she stops and has tea with her Poorvi returns home and finds RV over there and he gives lift to her but she scolds him.

Suddenly, she finds the man Monisha meets after which she runs after him RV also comes behind that man but he runs away, and RV notices that Poorvi has fallen on the road after which he looks after her.

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