Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 episode starts with Prachi getting shocked when she hears the reporter knowing about the incident of Ranbeer's arrival at Payal's house too.

Payal quickly explains to Prachi that she had called the reporter just after calling Prachi.

The reporter busily asks Payal to show her the CCTV camera footage if she had one, so that she could contact the NGO women, which would aid their fighting, and that they could also make Ranbeer pay her some money.

Payal, unable to hold her true nature, asks how much money they could get, to which the reporter replies that they would try getting maximum upkeep to be paid by Ranbeer, once they filed a case against him.

Upon seeing the CCTV footage, the reporter declares that the proof was enough to frame a case against Ranbeer and that they all would go to his house the next day.

Payal requests Prachi to accompany her too, to which Prachi agrees, saying that she is with her.

Meanwhile, at Prachi's house, Dida and Ranbeer reconcile, and she tells him how everybody in the house missed his presence.

Ranbeer brushes off the "missing" part and revives the old sweet memories of them together.

Sahana comes there and a mild argument breaks out between her and Ranbeer, at the end of which Ranbeer touches the feet of Dida and leaves.

Meanwhile, Pallavi recalls seeing Prachi at the police station, and she is stressed about Ranbeer and his condition now that he knows Prachi is alive.

Vikram tries consoling her, but Pallavi argues back saying that her worrying is valid.

Dida advises Pallavi that they go to Maatarani's temple the next day, praying for the well-being of their family, to which she agrees and leaves.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer comes back to find Aryan sitting on the bed ruminating over something.

Ranbeer approaches him to ask what had happened, to which he says that he was fine and that it was Ranbeer who needed to be fine at the moment, having experienced so much in one day, and asks Ranbir to tell everything.

Ranbeer agrees but asks Aryan to keep everything a secret to which Aryan readily agrees.

After hearing Ranbeer's words Aryan is frustrated and mildly scolds him for being so nice to everyone.

Meanwhile, Prachi is stressed thinking of Ranbeer and the situation he was in, also recalling the events which took place in the day.

Here, Ranbeer comes out after freshening up and stops for a while to think about the situation he was in.

He laughs to himself thinking how he had no happiness in his life but then remembers Khushi.

He then brushes off his thoughts thinking that at least he has Khushi in his life and his happiness and peace.

There Prachi is also coincidentally thinking about Khushi and all the happy moments that passed with her come in front of her eyes.

The next day, Ranbeer drives to the flower shop of Khushi's mother and hugs her affectionately upon meeting her.

He buys a bunch of flowers from her and reads the prophecy written in the note, which said that he would meet a new person today.

Payal notices Ranbeer meeting Khushi from behind and stops to watch his actions.

Ranbeer thinks to himself how he found Panchi's presence in Khushi and thinks her to be a blessing from the almighty which is enabling him to bear all the hurdles he is facing currently.

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