Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2023 episode starts with Prachi coming to Priya and noticing that she has collected the wrong luggage that belongs to someone else.

Prachi scolds Priya and asks her to wait there while she brings back her luggage from the lost and found center.

As Prachi enters the lost and found center, the staff tells her that all the attendants have gone for lunch and no one is there to help currently.

While Prachi checks her phone for a minute, the staff misses seeing her inside the room and locks her inside.

Meanwhile, Ranbir gets a call from Vikram who informs him that he has arrived in Delhi and asks Ranbir to come to meet him.

Ranbir says that he will come soon after he gets done with his work and hangs up, leaving Vikram surprised.

Aryan tells Vikram about Ranbir’s weird behavior as he was saying that Prachi is alive earlier.

Ranbir reaches the lost and found center and hears someone banging inside the storage room door.

Due to the announcement, Ranbir and Prachi do not hear each other’s voices as Ranbir tells her he is calling someone for help.

Ranbir tells one staff member that someone is locked inside and asks him to open the door while he spots the luggage with Prachi’s name.

Prachi gets shocked to see the luggage missing after she comes out of the room and starts searching for it.

Meanwhile, Kaya bumps into Priya as she is searching for the lost and found center which gives Priya an idea and she asks if she is Kaya.

Ranbir comes there with the luggage and exchanges the suitcases that got swapped.

Priya says that she is Prachi Aurora, leaving Ranbir with demotivated spirits as he thought it was Prachi.

After Ranbir and Kaya leave, Prachi comes and asks Priya to book a room in Hotel Orchid as she used to work there.

Later, Vikram and Aryan spot Ranbir and Kaya coming together out of the airport and get surprised.

Aryan asks Ranbir who that beautiful girl is to which Ranbir answers that she is a tornado who is making him float away.

Ranbir listens to Vikram’s words asking him if anything is wrong but Ranbir says that he is fine and leaves with Kaya after having an argument with her.

They had an argument when Ranbeer asked Kaya to come and sit in the front seat.

With Prachi and Ranbir’s car standing at the signal sideways, Ranbir meets Khushi who gives him a rose again.

Ranbir recognizes Khushi and thanks her for making him smile when he was upset.

Khushi stares at Prachi but does not get to talk with her as the signal turns green and Prachi’s car leaves.

Kaya asks Ranbir why he was so upset but Ranbir denies talking anything about that and changes the topic.

Prachi reaches Hotel Orchid and gets welcomed by her old friend Megha.

As Prachi goes to her room, Ranbir enters the hotel along with Kaya as she will stay there.

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