Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with RV saving Poorvi and asking her what is happening after which she tells him about that man to RV that he can help her find the true person who put her in jail in a fake case.

RV wonders about it but does not say anything after that he books an auto for Poorvi and asks her to come home and he goes from there while Poorvi wonders if RV is weird.

Meanwhile, that man calls Monisha which makes her angry and she murmurs that this man has irritated her but she picks up his call and asks him why is he pestering her.

He tells her that today Poorvi chased her along with RV again, which surprises Monisha, and she asks him to take precautions from Poorvi.

Monisha goes to meet RV and asks him why he didn't come to meet her after coming from Bangalore then RV tells her that he was busy with things going on in the office so he skipped meeting her.

Poorvi passes from there and gets to know that Monisha is trying to manipulate him and she shows fake tears to him and asks him if a middle-class girl like Poorvi is trying to manipulate him.

RV asks her not to wonder and assures her that he won't let Poorvi play with him this time while Poorvi feels bad for herself and wonders why she is feeling bad if RV is going close to Monisha.

Monisha hugs him and kisses him on his forehead while Divya tries to make Poorvi feel that she has feelings for RV and she should accept it while Divya says that she is going to tell RV about it and that she likes him.

Poorvi stops her and asks her to not tell about this thing to him and assures Divya that she will talk about it to RV on her own after which Divya says that if she will not do it then she will call RV and tell about it to her.

Divya gives Ladoo's made by Prachi to her which makes her feel bad that she cannot do anything for her and this brings tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Monisha again comes to RV's room and says that she wants to hear if he wants to marry her or not then RV asks her to not think so as he will not back off from his words.

RV asks her to go from there and searches for Poorvi whereas Tashu removes Astha from the job and tells about it to KK which makes him angry but she tells him that she is not deserving of this job and she goes from there.

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