Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2023 episode starts with Akshay talking with Rana while Prachi regains her senses.

Prachi realizes she is not at the chawl and asks Akshay why she is with him as Khushi was in front of her before she lost her senses.

Akshay asks Prachi to calm down and listen to him but Prachi asks him to stop the car or else she will jump from the car.

As Prachi opens the door of the car, Akshay panics and stops the car after which Prachi starts running toward the chawl but Akshay stops her and says that no one was at the chawl when he got there.

Akshay says that he found Prachi alone there after which Prachi gets inside the car as she believes in Akshay's words.

Meanwhile, Khushi cries while hugging Ranbir when Rana and his men separate her from Ranbir and get ready to leave that place.

Khushi starts screaming for help which reaches Ranbir's ears and he gets up instantly, breaking a glass bottle on Rana's head.

While Rana struggles to walk, he gets back Khushi from the other man who shudders in fear seeing Ranbir glaring at him.

Ranbir takes Khushi in his arms and hugs her gently asking her if she is all right to which Khushi replies that she got saved because of Ranbir.

Rana stands behind Ranbir and tries to lay his hands on Khushi after which Ranbir beats him up brutally and tells him that he warned him not to come closer to his daughter.

Surya stands with Khushi while Ranbir fights the two kidnappers and defeats them after which they try to run away but Ritika and her team enter the house.

The police enter from the other side and arrest the kidnappers after which Ranbir says that he has presented witness, culprit in front of everyone to prove his innocence.

Ranbir reunites with Khushi and showers her with kisses while Khushi clings to Ranbir and tells him that she got saved because of him.

As the police is about to leave, Ranbir says that he needs a help from the inspector while Akshay gets nervous as Prachi asks him to drive to the police station.

Prachi says that Ranbir is not the kidnapper after which Akshay fakes having a bad headache and convinces Prachi to drive home so that he can take his medicine.

After Prachi brings Akshay home and takes him to his room with Manpreet, Ashok calls the doctor to come with Prachi feeling conflicted about leaving.

Manpreet asks Prachi to go and look for Khushi as Akshay has his parents and family with him which triggers Akshay.

As Prachi leaves the room, Akshay stands up on his feet and shouts at Manpreet for letting Prachi go when Akshay needed her to be with him.

Manpreet tells Akshay that Prachi needs to search for Khushi but Akshay says that Manpreet cares more about Khushi than her own son who will die without Prachi.

Akshay's attitude scares Manpreet and she is shocked as Akshay raises his voice to threaten her.

Meanwhile, Khushi comes home and calls Prachi's name after which Prachi hugs her child and asks Khushi if she is fine.

Ranbir enters the house and Khushi tells everyone how Ranbir fought with the goons and saved her which makes Prachi feel guilty.

After Khushi reunites with everyone and goes inside with Divya, Mihika says that she always believed in Ranbir but questions Prachi how she could doubt him.

Ranbir says that he is habituated with such things after which he confronts Akshay who asks everyone to call the police and take Ranbir away.

Ranbir says that he has been released by the police and announces that Akshay is the kidnapper of Khushi which shocks everyone.

Akshay grabs Ranbir's collar but gets silent as Ranbir calls Rana to come inside and asks him if he knows Akshay well.

Prachi says that Rana knows the whole truth and he will be the one to reveal it.

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