Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 episode starts with Krishna feeling Prachi's presence and looking around to see her but can't due to the staff as Prachi is making the staff fix the decorations.

Just then, a man falls from the ladder while fixing the decoration and Prachi worries for him and sends him to rest, while Krishna listens to her voice from back and goes to see her but she has gone.

After that, he goes after Prachi after asking a man about her, while Khushi and Armaan argue as they are going to KK's wedding at Gajendra's invitation but Khushi is informed about it at the last moment.

Further, Armaan tries to calm her while Ranbir and Prachi share a hit-and-miss moment again, while Purvi and Rajvansh wait for family members to come.

Meanwhile, they argue and then Purvi asks him to behave well with her at the wedding if Prachi gets to know about their bad relationship then she'll be stressed and it will affect Malhotra's house too.

After that, Rajvansh agrees to her requests and leaves just then Monisha comes there and Purvi is shocked to see her ready for the wedding.

There, Krishna is looking around for Prachi feeling her presence just then Trishna comes to him in the wedding attire and asks him if she looks like the world's most beautiful bride or not, which makes Krishna remember this thing he had said to Prachi, so he asks her that who said it to her as he used to say it to someone else.

Meanwhile, Trishna takes his statement as a joke and states that she can't believe that Krishna can say such a romantic line to someone as he isn't at all romantic and mentions that Prachi's husband is so romantic.

Further, they share a cute banter and Krishna goes to get ready after praising her look.

Just then, Prachi comes there and praises Trishna's look and asks her to not roam around before the wedding as she might get an evil eye while Trishna says that she can't get an evil eye as Prachi is there with her and she is a good human being.

She adds, that until now everyone has been friends with her for some motive but Prachi always becomes a savior for her after which Prachi says it's called real friendship and sends her back to her room.

There, Monisha blames Purvi for trapping rich guys and they argue just then Dadu comes and he and Purvi share a sweet conversation.

After that, Purvi requests Dadu to let her go early as she has to help Prachi with arrangements and Dadu forces Rajvansh to drop Purvi, which makes Monisha furious but Deepika tries to console her and asks her to focus on her fight.

Further, Monisha decides to go close to Rajvansh at the wedding while Deepika asks her to not create a scene at the wedding but in vain.

There, Prachi and her family misunderstand Kartik as the groom while Trishna comes to Krishna and says she can't marry him as Prachi has told her everything about him.

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