Kumkum Bhagya 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi, Krishna, and Rajvansh get happy seeing the defused bomb while Purvi hugs Krishna and he says that he had said to her that he won't let anything to her.

After that, Rajvansh also assures Purvi that everything is fine now then Purvi goes to meet her family while Krishna also praise Rajvansh.

Just then, Krishna goes and Purvi sees that the terrorist has snatched a gun from the police pushing them after which he aims it to Rajvansh.

He shoots a bullet after which Purvi throws a wooden stick towards Rajvansh which saves him from the bullet and the police take the control over the terrorist again while Rajvansh's family come to meet him then they decide to go home.

Meanwhile, Purvi meets her family who asks her about her wellbeing and states they were so worried for her while Krishna sees them from afar just then Trishna comes to him and he says he is fine.

After that, Trishna asks him to go back home with her without any further discussion and takes him from there while Krishna and Prachi look at each other helplessly.

There, Khushi and Purvi cry hugging each other after which Rajvansh and Purvi come back home with Malhotra's family and their servants express that they were worried for them but it's good that now they are safe.

Further, they praise Purvi for how she went to save Rajvansh after which Monisha gets irked and scolds them while Vaishali calms her down then Monisha says that she is worried for Rajvansh.

She adds, that Rajvansh should take rest rather than talking thus Dadu sends Rajvansh and Purvi in their room to take rest after which they go and the family sits there to discuss the incident.

Dadi thanks the god after which Harman says that along with the god there are many people which they should thank and call Kishan to thank him while Monisha thinks of her plan getting failed.

Just then, Deepika asks her what's she thinking while Monisha tells her how her plan got flopped otherwise, she would've with Rajvansh in the hotel right now.

There, Purvi and Rajvansh share a cute moment after which she applies the ointment on his shoulder as he is hurt there while Monisha feels jealous noticing it.

On the other hand, Harleen worries that why Rajvansh keep get into the problems and Monisha tries to blame Purvi after which Yug sides with Purvi as well as Dadu, Harman, Vicky, and Jaswant that Purvi has saved Rajvansh's life.

Meanwhile, Harleen agrees to it too and says it's a favour of Purvi on her after which she decides to keep veneration for Rajvansh.

She tells Purvi about it too as she comes down after which Purvi goes to the room where she sees Rajvansh sleeping and remembers the terrorists attack then how Rajvansh saved her which makes her feel lucky to have Rajvansh in her life.

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