Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2023 episode starts with Prachi running away ignoring Ranbeer’s request to come back.

A drenched Prachi returns back and tells Shahana and Daadi that she met Ranbeer and walks away.

Shahana stops Dadi from following Prachi but Dadi makes her understand that Prachi needs them by their side to fight her emotional dilemma.

Meanwhile, Prachi cries her heart out as she remembers Ranbeer's harsh criticism and decides to choose Khushi over her emotional conflict.

She mumbles to herself that she will marry Akshay if it helps her in getting her long-lost daughter in her life.

Prachi unlocks the door on Dadi’s insistence and tells her to start the wedding preparations.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer gets shocked on finding Akshay in his house while Akshay gets joyful on seeing Ranbeer back home.

Akshay rushes to give him the good news regarding his wedding with Prachi leaving everyone shocked.

Further, Akshay invites Ranbeer and expresses his gratitude to help him out while Rhea’s happiness knows no bounds.

Akshay tells Ranbeer that he is getting married tomorrow since Prachi wants custody of her daughter Khushi over her ex unaware that Ranbeer is Prachi’s ex-husband.

Rhea tells Akshay that they cannot attend his wedding as she and Ranbeer are also getting married tomorrow.

Akshay jokingly tells Ranbeer that they can marry in the same mandap.

Ranbeer tells Akshay that they have the same mahurat while Akshay hugs him and wishes him the best.

Dida fumes the fire instigating Ranbeer against Prachi and Rhea smirks standing in a corner.

A hurt Ranbeer tells his family to do the preparations as he does not care about Prachi anymore.

The next day, Dadi and Dida supervise the arrangements for the wedding and wish to almighty for sending Khushi back to them soon.

Meanwhile, Shahana invites Meera to Prachi’s wedding and gives her the adoption forms as well.

Khushi excitedly runs to hug Shahana and expresses her sorrow for not being able to unite Ranbeer and Prachi the other day.

She requests Shahana to promise her in helping to reunite Ranbeer with Prachi.

Shahana unable to control her tears runs away from the orphanage to avert Khushi’s request.

In the meantime, Aliya surprises Rhea by joining her in her room and Rhea asks her to leave before anyone catches them together.

Aliya tells Rhea that nothing bad will happen as they have the edge over the situation as she reminds Rhea of Ranbeer’s vulnerable position.

On the other hand, Ranbeer is on his way to Rhea’s room to give her the family jewellery.

As Ranbeer walks into Rhea's room he tells her as if he heard Aliya’s voice in her room.

However, Rhea tries diverting Ranbeer’s attention and tells him that she was on the call with Aliya.

In the meantime, Shahana helps Prachi in getting ready while lost thinking about Khushi’s request. 

Shahana throws the things aside in anger and tells Prachi that Khushi is sensitive just like her and longs for her and Ranbeer’s togetherness.

Shahana tells Prachi to keep her ego aside and consider Khushi’s request and marry Ranbeer in place of Akshay.

An emotional Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbeer criticized her for never keeping him and his family happy but on the contrary, she sacrificed everything for her love.

Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbeer had already planned his future with Rhea and has always left her alone choosing others over her.

Tears roll down her eyes, as Prachi reminds Shahana of Ranbeer breaking her trust and her heart every time and does not want Khushi to suffer the same.

Shahana tells Prachi to not get trapped in the web of words but should consider actions as she reminds Prachi of Ranbeer saving her from Balbeera’s trap.

She awakens Prachi from her deep slumber and tells her that Ranbeer was in the same situation insecure by Akshay’s presence in her life and pleads her to call off the wedding.

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