Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi asking Rajvansh if he likes her cooked food for real while Rajvansh nods after which, Purvi asks him to tell her by saying and Rajvansh nods again.

He asks Purvi to not be irked as he isn't mocking her while Purvi says she isn't irked so Rajvansh jokes that it's good as otherwise, she gets irked so easily.

Further, he says that the deal is so important to him while Purvi says that she knows it thus when he asked her to cook she got ready quickly.

Then, she is asked not to come into the kitchen but she has made Chhole after which Monisha interrupts.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh says that he trusts Monisha too as she has handled many clients and has experience with her work, while Purvi feels bad.

After that, Rajvansh leaves while Purvi questions herself about why she feels bad when Rajvansh praises Monisha if it's a sign of being envious and she has started developing feelings for Rajvansh.

Just then, Rajvansh comes back in the room and Rajvansh and Purvi share a romantic moment.

There, the chef says to Monisha that he isn't able to cook there but he'll send the food after cooking it in the hotel and Monisha asks him to be quick.

On the other hand, Monisha assures the guests that the food is being prepared by the chef which shocks Surendra while Monisha says that the chef is preparing her special dishes.

Further, Yug questions Monisha's skill but Deepika sides with her saying Monisha prepares good food while Surender's wife says that they expected Purvi to cook but Monisha insults her.

After that, Surendra talks about another client which worries Rajvansh while some more guests come and Monisha asks them to dance until the food is being prepared.

Ahead, the guests dance and the family watches the dance after which, Harleen asks Monisha to know when will the food arrive and Monisha tries to contact the chef but can't which makes everyone panic.

Just then, Purvi comes and says that until the food arrives they can serve starters to the guests and go to prepare a starter after getting permission from Harleen.

Meanwhile, the others go to the guests where Dadi praises a couple among the guests while Surender's wife gets fond of Dadi.

There, Vicky asks what can be the reason for the sweet behavior of the clients while Harman says they are trying to text them.

Further, Surendra asks Rajvansh what makes him marry Purvi while Rajvansh says that he finds peace around Purvi and feels like he can achieve his goal.

This makes Surendra impressed with him while Monisha feels jealous after which Deepika takes Monisha aside and warns her that she is losing to Purvi as the guests are impressed with her while Monisha stays calm saying Purvi can't impress NRIs as she knows a lot more than her.

After that, Purvi serves the starters to the guests.

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