Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Ranbir taking a sip of the tea and making faces as he tells Prachi that she has forgotten to add sugar to it.

She gets confused as she tells him that she remembers adding the sugar while he tells her to take a sip of it.

Prachi takes a sip and smiles while Ranbir takes the sip from the place where Prachi sipped, saying that now it's sweet.

Ranbeer tells her that he doesn't want to stay away from her any longer and walks to the hall with her in tow.

He gathers everyone and informs them that he got a call from the priest who has stated that the perfect time for his and Prachi's marriage is the day after tomorrow.

The family talks about how it's too soon while Khushi gets happy and starts talking about how she'll get ready and what she'll wear.

Akshay feeds the sweets to Ranbir, stating that they need to think their lives would change this way in a matter of days and suggests pushing back the marriage a few weeks to arrange the venues and other arrangements.

Ranbir gets the marriage fixed!

However, Vikram and Ashok refuse as they state that they don't need any venue since they can get married from home only like in the old times.

Later, Mihika brings an outfit for Akshay and asks him how will he feel when Prachi is living with Ranbir and Khushi happily and will even bear Ranbeer's child for the second time.

She hauntingly asks him what will the child call him and addresses him as Uncle in a baby voice.

Vishakha comes there just then and sends Mihika away while Akshay tells Vishakha not to talk to him as his mood is not very good right now.

At night, Prachi gets a call from Ranbir and they talk to each other romantically as he asks her if she misses her or not and tells her that he is missing her.

She tells him to make her believe it and he knocks on the window of her room just then, surprising her.

He asks her for the answer and she nods while he tells her to let him hear her melodious voice.

She confesses how much she misses him while he tells her that he wants to tell her something and she gets close to him.

Ranbir suddenly kisses her cheek and rushes away from there while she watches him.

Akshay creeps out Prachi

On the other hand, Khushi wakes up and is shocked to see Akshay crying by the corner of her bed.

She goes and wipes away his tears, telling him not to be sad like Mihika since it's only her parents getting married.

He tells her that it is because Ranbir is very clever and has manipulated everyone including Prachi.

Akshay states that he loves her a lot and is not like Ranbir who left her at the orphanage.

He talks about how he brought her home and sent her abroad to study as she gets manipulated and tells him that she also loves him.

Akshay tells her to promise that she will always love him more than Ranbeer when Khushi agrees after which Akshay sends her to sleep.

Further, Akshay lays beside Prachi and removes the hair from her face while she opens her eyes for a second and closes them again.

However, realizing that she saw Akshay, Prachi opens her eyes and finds nobody there as she goes to Akshay's room to check.

Akshay enters his room through the window and acts trying to sleep while Prachi comes there and asks him why he's still awake.

He tells her that he's having a severe headache and requests her to massage his head to which she innocently agrees.

Meanwhile, Pallavi confronts Ranbir about lying that he talked with the priest while he tells her to trust him and talks about how he wants to marry Prachi soon.

She smiles, telling him that they'll do as he wishes and hugs him after which they part ways.

The next morning, the Kohli family arrives at the Tandon house with the first shagun while Mihika watches and gets jealous.

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