Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Krishna saying that he knows a person similar to Prachi very well and respects her more than himself remembering Prachi, while Trishna gets curious and asks who is that person.

She adds, that she knows it must be an important person but who, while Krishna diverts the topic and talks about Prachi again.

He says that if Trishna wants to help Prachi then she has to do it indirectly under the pretext of asking help from her so Prachi doesn't feel bad and she can help her.

After that, Trishna likes the idea and says that Krishna hasn't met Prachi properly ever but still it feels like he knows her well.

Meanwhile, Krishna says that it's because as he said he knows a person similar to Prachi well and leaves after which, Trishna wonders who can be that person.

There, Prachi roams in her room thinking about Harleen's harsh words just then Monisha comes to her and warns her to not enter in the kitchen otherwise, she can blame her for any mishap.

On the other hand, Rajvansh discusses with his family that why Surendra Mehra wants to come at their home for the meeting while Harman says he is also clueless about it.

After that, Rajvansh says that they have to do preparations very well and Harleen asks them to not worry.

She asks Harman to tell her how many guests are coming but Harman scolds him in tension, after which Harman realizes his mistake and apologizes to Harleen.

Further, he says that Surendra and his wife are coming for the lunch and Rajvansh gets suspicious about Surendra's intentions as he never mix up personal and professional life then why now.

Just then, Vikrant comes and says that Rajvansh's doubt is right thus he has already gathering the information about it.

On the other hand, Purvi enters the kitchen and try to instruct but Monisha and the other ladies oust her from the kitchen by doing insult.

After that, Rajvansh sees Purvi upset and asks the reason so Purvi complains about Monisha but Rajvansh sides Monisha so Purvi says she doesn't even know to cook.

However, Rajvansh doesn't pay attention on Purvi and asks her to not drag him in ladies matters so Purvi says that now she'll give befitting reply to Monisha if she insults her then Rajvansh shouldn't stop her.

Then, Rajvansh leaves while Purvi curses him for always supporting Monisha over her and decides that if now anyone insults her she will give them a befitting reply.

There, Manpreet brings her jwellery to Prachi to solve their financial crises while Prachi feels guilty for the loss and not able to fulfill her responsibilities properly but Manpreet consoles her and convinces her to take the jwellery.

On the other hand, Purvi is selecting a dress to meet the clients while Diya calls her thinking whether she should reveal their financial problems to Purvi or not.

However, Diya drops the idea of telling Purvi about it when she gets to know that Purvi is already in tension about the clients and is upset with Rajvansh.

She asks Purvi to not stay upset with Rajvansh and help him if needed.

Further, Surendra comes and meet the family and praises Purvi and Rajvansh as a couple while Dadu and Yug take credit to make them marry which makes Monisha irked.

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