Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2023 episode starts with the dancer trying to get romantic with Ashutosh, while Purvi is shown coming towards the changing room.

Ashutosh realizes that he is doing wrong, and gets separated from the dancer saying he is going to marry Purvi.

He mistakenly hits the table which causes Purvi's bangles to fall, and Ashutosh collects them, to keep them again in their place.

There, Purvi asks a hotel staff about the booked changing room for Sangeet, and she tells her the way.

On the other side, the dancer tries to lure Ashutosh again, and he gets lost in her again as she gets romantic with him again.

Purvi enters there, sees them in an inappropriate situation, and gets shocked.

On the other hand, both families wonder where is Purvi when Beena and Prachi come there with sad faces and tell them that Purvi is coming, as she has gone just to fix her makeup.

Listening to that, both families feel relieved and then notice Beena and Prachi's sad faces, and the families question them about the same.

Beena and Prachi tell them about Jasbeer's incident separately, and they are shocked.

Prachi tells her family about Rajvansh saving Purvi once again, and they praise him for how he always comes to the rescue of Purvi, like an angel.

Ashutosh gets separated from the dancer sees Purvi, and tries to explain to her, how it's nothing like that and he asks her to come inside and they will solve it by discussing it.

Purvi refuses to discuss anything with him being traumatized, and he shouts at Purvi that she has lost her mind and sometimes it's not true what they see.

Further, he states he is her would-be husband and they should the matter peacefully.

Purvi goes from there leaving Ashutosh, while he tries to follow her but falls on the ground and the dancer supports him.

However, Ashutosh gets separated from her and tries to go behind Purvi.

Further, Purvi is walking aimlessly, crying, and remembering, how everyone had suggested, she should not marry Ashutosh, but she felt he was the right choice for her.

Rajvansh calls Purvi to ask her whether she wants to file a police complaint against Jasbeer, and Purvi stays silent, which makes Rajvansh suspect that something wrong has happened.

He asks Purvi to tell him, what happened to which Purvi takes Ashutosh's name, Rajvansh asks her what happened to Ashutosh, and if Jasbeer did anything wrong to him, but Purvi is unable to answer him.

Ahead, Rajvansh asks her to tell him, where is she now, to which Purvi tells him her location, after cutting the call Purvi thinks about how her destiny is connected to Rajvansh.

Rajvansh comes to her and asks her about what happened to her being tense while Purvi tells him about Ashutosh cheating on her with a girl in the changing room.

She puts her head on Rajvansh's shoulder and tells him that she thought Ashutosh was a simple guy, like her but not anymore.

Purvi states she is clueless about what she should do now, Rajvansh notices Diya and asks her to handle Purvi.

Meanwhile, he'll teach a lesson to Ashutosh. 

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