Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Krishna saying to Trishna's mom that Trishna knows the value of her parents' love in life and they should serve their parents as they are blessing in their lives.

Meanwhile, Trishna's mom is impressed by listening to Krishna's words and hugs him after which Trishna joins them too.

After that, Trishna's mom asks them to come inside with her while Krishna says he'll stay back as he is waiting for cards so Trishna and her mom leave.

There, Krishna thinks he wants to check the cards once himself just then Prachi and Purvi reach their destination and suddenly the dust gets into Prachi's eyes so she drops the wedding cards.

Further, she gets worried and says that the wedding cards falling isn't a good sign also her horoscope has predicted that something major going to happen.

She adds, that she doesn't want to affect Trishna's wedding while Purvi consoles her.

After that, they get inside while Trishna welcomes them and Prachi introduces Trishna and Purvi to each other after which Purvi states Trishna is Prachi's only friend.

Further, Trishna likes the cards and takes Purvi and Prachi to make them meet her mother but Purvi stays back as she gets Rajvansh's call but can't talk to him.

Just then, she gets happy to meet Krishna when he asks about Purvi's mother, after which Purvi tells him that she is gone to meet Trishna's mom.

There, Trishna's mom and Gajendra meet Prachi praise her choice of card, and say to Trishna that she did right by giving her wedding arrangements responsibility to her.

On the other hand, Purvi congratulates Krishna on his wedding and jokes about him tagging him as her Papa after which Krishna goes silent so Purvi apologizes to him.

Meanwhile, Krishna says it's ok and she can joke with him as he considers her his daughter and asks her to inform him if she faces any problem when Purvi thanks him for canceling the meeting for her honeymoon.

He asks Purvi to attend his wedding as his family and Purvi promises it while Trishna makes the same promise from Prachi.

Further, Krishna and Prachi hit-and-miss happens, and Purvi and Prachi leave while Trishna shows him cards that he likes and runs after Purvi and Prachi's autorickshaw to stop them to thank them but fails.

After that, he and Trishna go to give an invitation to Amardayal while Amardayal is seen planning against them to win the election from Gajendra but Krishna shocks him by giving the invitation to their wedding.

Krishna asks him to attend their wedding as opposition parties and media will also be there, after their departure, Amardayal tears up the card getting pissed off, and thinks to do something to stop the wedding.

There, Prachi asks Purvi if she is happy at Rajvansh's home while she lies and then Prachi decides to drop her there.

Further, Purvi brings Prachi inside to have tea while she is in a hurry and they have tea with Dadu and Dadi, just then Deepika and Monisha come, and Monisha states she is here for lunch as Rajvansh is also coming.

After that, Rajvansh comes and makes an excuse while Prachi feels strange seeing the scenario but decides to take leave, after which Dadi asks her to stay back for a while.

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