Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2023 episode starts with Prachi restlessly changing sides on the bed holding the blanket close.

Ranbeer observes Prachi shivering and checks her temperature.

As Ranbeer bends to take the medicine for Prachi, he screams in pain and Prachi asks her about his wound.

A concerned Prachi tells him to get the medicine box from the cupboard while Ranbeer taunts her for having the energy to fight at midnight.

Prachi puts the cream on Ranbeer’s injury and bandages it as they both reminisce their longing for each other.

The next morning, Rhea serves breakfast to everyone and Vikrant gives a bashing to Pallavi and Dida for ditching him for Khushi’s birthday party.

Rhea tries her best to divert their attention to her but Pallavi and Dida keep on narrating the course of events that happened at Khushi’s birthday party.

Rhea mumbles to herself that she cannot let Prachi and Ranbeer come close again.

Ranbeer dreams about Prachi

On the other hand, Ranbeer dreams about Prachi waking him up by caressing his face with her fingers.

He, further, runs behind Prachi to catch her but Prachi uses the curtains to escape his grip.

Ranbeer jumps over the sofa and holds Prachi in his arms and tells her that he will always keep her close to him.

He confesses his love to Prachi and insists Prachi revert his I love you.

Prachi intentionally teases him and they end up falling on the bed and promise each other to stay by each other’s side always.

Just then, Ranbeer wakes up and jokes about dreaming of Prachi when she was not there in his life and still dreaming about her when she is back.

As Ranbeer treads down, he gets upset seeing Ashok and Akshay getting a doctor for Prachi.

Ashok tells Akshay that he is possessive about Prachi and applauds Ranbeer for saving Prachi just in time.

Ranbeer takes the staircase back to the room but gets called by Ashok who appreciates him for saving Prachi and their happiness as well.

Ranbeer tells Ashok that he saved Prachi without thinking about them and Akshay embraces Ranbeer and unintentionally hurts his wound.

As Ranbeer screams in pain, Akshay asks him to get the checkup done but Ranbeer tells him that not all injuries are surficial.

Prachi stops Ranbeer and offers him to have breakfast but a disappointed Ranbeer refuses her request.

He tells Prachi that his family must be waiting for him and walks out.

Just then, Shahana stops him and stands quietly in front of Ranbeer.

Ranbeer tells her to speak her heart out but Shahana tells Ranbeer that she has a lot to say but cannot comprehend everything in words.

He tells Shahana that it is the matter of the heart which holds us back to confess our feelings.

Ranbeer caresses Shahana’s face and tells her to take care of everyone while Prachi keeps on looking at them.

Meanwhile, Aliya jumps into Rhea’s room from the window and Rhea bashes Aliya for putting her in danger.

Aliya asks Rhea about Ranbeer’s whereabouts and taunts her never understanding her.

Aliya instigates Rhea

Aliya tells Rhea that she is better than Prachi in every sense but fails by her in being cunning.

She tells Rhea that she is just like Abhi who never realised being used by people for their selfish interests.

Rhea requests Aliya to step out of the house but Aliya tells her to come along with her and accept her defeat.

Aliya mocks Rhea that she had Ranbeer but Prachi screwed it up for her.

Rhea tells Aliya that Prachi is not the problem for her anymore but Khushi is the main obstacle for her.

Aliya gets nervous as memories from the past overtake her and she remembers throwing Khushi into the dam.

Further, Rhea tells Aliya that the family will be overridden with emotions and practically decide for Ranbeer and Prachi’s reunion siding her aside.

However, Aliya tells Rhea that she will not let Prachi and Ranbeer come together and will plan something bigger to disrupt their lives.

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