Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 episode starts with Mihika asking Ranbeer if he wants her to keep silent and continue embarrassing him.

Manpreet, Ashok, and even Ranbeer convince her to go to a room to discuss and not in front of the guests.

Mihika mockingly claps for them and says that even her brother is the worst husband.

Mihika exposes the truth

Akshay tells her not to drag him into their argument and Mihika starts shouting for Prachi.

Prachi also comes down just then as she hears Mihika shouting that she saw Ranbeer and Prachi kissing upstairs and having fun with each other.

Ashok silences her while Vishakha states that they should at least hear her out.

However, Ranbeer states that Mihika should not speak as she is saying very wrong and reasons that if he starts speaking, he will not stop.

He states that he will not hear a word against Prachi, stating that there is respect between him and Prachi.

Mihika hauntingly tells him to respect her too by kissing her, making Ranbeer disgusted with her.

Akshay speaks up and asks Ranbeer and Prachi if what Mihika has said is true or not while Pallavi starts blaming Prachi for everything.

Pallavi states that she understands Mihika's pain and tells Prachi that Mihika is Ranbeer's to-be wife.

Ranbir-Prachi's marriage!

Ranbir speaks up just then and states that nothing is going on between him and Mihika as they are not even engaged anymore.

He scolds Pallavi for helping Mihika humiliate Prachi and accepts that he kissed Prachi but in a soulful way.

Ranbir reveals that he kissed Prachi on the forehead and that anyone who thinks of it as wrong is a wrong person.

However, Akshay states that a kiss is a kiss, asking Prachi how can she go so low.

Manpreet stands up just then and silences everyone, stating that she will not hear a word against Prachi.

She goes to Prachi and tells her to speak up as it is her life while Ashok comes to her and apologizes to her for bearing the wrongdoings of his children.

Ranbeer states that he cannot hear this anymore and is about to reveal the truth but Akshay stops him, telling him to not say anything against his wife.

Just then, Ranbir states that Prachi is not his wife and reveals that Akshay did not put the Mangalsutra in her neck, did not fill her hairline with vermillion and that their holy rounds were not even complete.

Everyone goes silent as Ranbir states that he kept his manners when he didn't even have to since Prachi and Akshay are not married.

Akshay states that it is a lie but Ashok speaks up louder, stating that it is the truth along with Manpreet.

She states that Prachi is her daughter and goes to Pallavi asking for Ranbeer's hand in marriage for Prachi.

Ashok vents his anger

Ashok tells Akshay to stay silent as Ranbeer turns to Pallavi and tells her that she knows he is incomplete without Prachi and folds his hands, requesting her to let him be with Prachi.

Dida comes forward and accepts the marriage proposal, stating that they should keep Prachi and Ranbeer together as they are meant to be, with Vikram and Pallavi agreeing.

Prachi and Ranbir look at each other and cry happily as he goes and hugs his family while Akshay walks away.

Ranbir goes and asks Prachi if they should sit together in the pooja now and takes her hand as they start the pooja while Mihika looks on in anger.

Meanwhile, Akshay destroys his hall while Vishakha comes there and slaps him, telling him that he has to be good for Prachi.

She comforts him, crying that he is being too aggressive while he walks away from there and recalls his marriage with Prachi and fights with Ranbir.

He continues punching the bag while Manpreet and Prachi enter the home and see them.

Manpreet goes to him, shouting that his hand is bleeding but he doesn't listen after which she sends Prachi.

Prachi requests for him to stop but he doesn't listen when she gets in between making him stop and walk away.

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