Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2023 episode starts with Prachi seated next to Ranbir holding his arms close as she senses someone approaching her.

Prachi grows near Ranbir as Ranbir holds the mangalsutra but Prachi takes it back, while Ranbir, seeing the mangal sutra's design, stares at her blankly.

Prachi claims it is Akshay's favourite design after seeing Ranbir's reaction, and then flees outdoors.

Meanwhile, the goon notices his other man and scolds him for not having located Prachi and her manga sutra yet.

The goon shivers and informs the other man of their escape and instructs the latter to return them to him quickly.

Meanwhile, Prachi arrives at the corner recalling how Ranbir gave her the mangal sutra when she was happily married to him.

She is about to go when Ranbir stops her and asks her to answer his questions.

Prachi steals her gaze, and Ranbir, peering deeply into Prachi's eyes wonders if she still loves him.

Prachi quickly says no and pushes Ranbir away pleading with him not to abuse Mihika or any other lady again.

When Mihika and Diya spy on the jewellery store manager hiding behind the closet, they hurry into the room and resolve to hide.

When Divya sees this, she is shocked while Mihika pushes him to go save the lives of the people outside.

The manager explains that he has keys to all the valuable stones and jewellery worth crores and hence cannot leave.

Meanwhile, one of the goons catches Prachi fleeing and points a revolver at her, warning her to halt.

Mihika, on the other hand, continues to hear sounds from outside which frightens both her and the manager, as well as Divya.

When Prachi sees the goon, she throws the bundle of garments at him and successfully rushes into the room, where Mihika and Divya calm down when they see Prachi.

Mihika, on the other hand, recommends Prachi hide somewhere, while Prachi swears, she is going to save them all and cannot endanger their lives because of her.

The goon smashes the door and confronts Prachi, but Prachi smacks the goon on the right hand and escapes once more.

Prachi flees and hides in a corner, where the goon cannot find her.

When the thugs point their pistols at them and urge them not to move, Akshay and Abhay come hunting for Prachi in that room.

Prachi hears Akshay's voice, runs out and begs him to leave her, while Akshay becomes horrified when he sees Prachi.

Prachi warns the goon not to shoot as the thugs approach her to take her away.

While the goons bring Prachi away with them to their boss, Akshay stays powerless.

Meanwhile, the cops call the goon, who responds with excitement, saying he has been waiting for this call.

However, the two begin bickering over the phone call, while the inspector urges the goon to leave all the innocent people alone or face a lifetime in prison, to which the goon remains arrogant and fights even more.

The inspector hangs up the phone in frustration, as journalists rush towards him to cover live coverage of the situation.

Meanwhile, Ashok remains stud as he watches the news and worries about Akshay and everyone, while Mihika becomes anxious as she considers Prachi and her life in jeopardy.

Mihika and Divya exit to look for Prachi, while the manager quickly closes the door, grumbling about how annoying the two ladies were.

The two thugs arrive and challenge the manager, bringing everyone in front of the boss while the boss stares evilly at Prachi's mangal sutra.

Prachi refuses to give it to Akshay, who remarks on the mangal sutra's 5 lakh diamonds, to which Prachi makes an unhappy look.

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