Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Rajvansh coming home while Dadi asks him why he didn't inform anyone that he was coming.

Meanwhile, Monisha says she knew it already and then clarifies how she called the office and got to know that Rajvansh was coming home.

After that, Rajvansh says that someone is coming to meet him here so he has to come home while Prachi is about to take her leave when Dadi asks her to stay back for some time and asks if she doesn't want to know about Purvi.

However, Prachi says she knows Purvi is happy here with them and takes her leave while Purvi comes to drop her by the door.

Meanwhile, Prachi asks Purvi why Monisha keeps coming to their house after which Purvi tries to cover up but Prachi asks her to be careful.

There, Krishna and Trishna come near Rajvansh's house while Krishn tells Trishna how he feels Rajvansh is weird and Prachi and Ranbir's hit-and-miss moment happens.

On the other hand, Dadi feels Purvi's jealousy for Monisha just then Krishna and Trishna come there to give their wedding invitation and Purvi is happy to see them while Rajvansh also greets him nicely.

Further, Rajvansh makes him meet with Dadu and Dadi while Monisha thinks about how Purvi has such a good bond with Krishna.

Meanwhile, Dadu tells Krishna how they used to think that Rajvansh was restless due to business rivalry with him but it was because he was in love with Purvi, after which Krishna blessed them.

After that, Krishna and Trishna cutely argue about from which side Purvi and her mother will attend the wedding and Krishna convinces Purvi to attend from his side and also invites Malhotra's family to the wedding as Purvi's mother is handling the arrangements so they'll feel homely.

However, Monisha seems jealous of seeing Krishna and Purvi on good terms while Harman and Harleen also meet Krishna and Trishna and share a playful moment.

Just then, Purvi comes there with water, and Monisha deliberately makes her fall but Krishna saves Purvi and worries for her, after which Purvi makes him relaxed.

Further, Krishna tells everyone how he considers Purvi as his daughter as she reminds him of her and then warns Monisha while Trishna gives the wedding card to them and asks them to come on time for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Krishna asks for a promise from Purvi that she'll do rituals being his family member as he doesn't have any, and Purvi promises him.

However, Monisha murmurs that Purvi knows how to trap rich people, and then Krishna and Trishna take leave.

After that, Rajvansh also goes for an urgent meeting, and Monisha thinks Purvi can win anyone's heart but not Rajvansh's as he is hers.

Further, Prachi takes the stress of the wedding arrangements while Purvi assures her that she'll help her over the call.

Later, Krishna and Prachi miss each other remembering a past moment.

The End. Thanks for reading.

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